ResiWeek 102 slate

ResiWeek 102: Google’s CES

We take a look back CES 2018. What were the standout products you could be putting into your next home install? Google was everywhere at CES. What does this mean for their future in home automation? Experts say the move to 5G will be so much faster than the 4G transition.

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Video Conferencing Goes Virtual – Part 1

By: Bob Tamburri On the Road to Virtual Reality In the not-too-distant future… It is morning and a sliver of sunlight breaches your curtains as you ruffle through the warmth and comfort of your covers to attempt a rise to consciousness. After taking a few moments to get your bearings, you glance over at your … Read more

Commercial’s Disruptive Home

In a movement that has been building for some time, 2017 promises to continue the rise of the consumer market driving the commercial market. With the advent of BYOD becoming standard operating procedure in the commercial space, a host of other consumer-based products and concepts are flooding through those battered gates that long kept the … Read more