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NYDSW 2018 Coverage

Understanding programming versus configuration of control systems, and finding their place in the industry space.

Understanding the risks that come with running a business, and how to mitigate them with your team.

Lutron overhauls their web tools, having a plan for failure, and Amazon Echo connects to smart doorbells.

InFocus announces a new family of Mondopads. We talk with Glenn Jystad about what this new line means for education AV, audiovisual integrators, and the interactive market.

AVNation’s Tim Albright tours the world headquarters for Barco.

Director’s Choice gets update to their Hall of Fame screen that gives residential integrators bigger choices.

Meridian Audio reveals a streaming device that lets residential audiovisual integrators to deploy any mobile source into an audio system wirelessly.

Kordz discusses the benefits of quality HDMI cables and products for home and office audiovisual integrations at CEDIA 2018.

AtlasIED New Hires

Gina Sansivero and Michael Peveler join Atlas IED as VPs of Marketing and of Sales for the audiovisual manufacturer.

New line of Mondopad interactive boards goes from Ultra down to Core.

QSC announces the ability for audiovisual integrators to order switches configured for the networked audio platform directly from QSC.

Local Women of AVIXA group expands to 32 groups

More than 18,000 end-users were reported being at Infocomm 2018. What this means for integrators at trade shows.

How security measures are being updated to learn from past accidents and prevent future occurrences.

Are modular PCs secure to use with digital displays? What separates slot-in PCs and built-in displays.

Discussing Harman’s annual Development Conference and what knowledge to gain from such an event.