Coverage of NYDSW 2019

NYDSW 2019
NYDSW 2019


Digital Signage Data

Join us November 13 at 1 pm for our next webinar on creating dynamic digital signage solutions.

Our company/institution is planning on specifying 4K resolution projectors or true laser projections into projects:

The inner workings of custom control solutions in the home and the ongoing convergence of residential and commercial within the AV industry.

Samsung’s enormous Wall gets installed in a home, and Azione partners with Pure Wellness to make a wellness app for their solutions.

The ins and outs of project reporting, and how to keep your projects on the right track.

Why ISE is moving from Amsterdam, and the impact of Brexit on AV integrators worldwide.

Pro Audio Technology showcases their line of home theater speakers at CEDIA Expo 2019.

Absen shows off the latest in their Acclaim series of LED displays at Almo’s E4 Experience Show.

D-Tools brings native schematic drawing tools to System Integrator at CEDIA Expo 2019.

Savant discusses their new Savant App for Apple TV and more at CEDIA Expo 2019.

October 24 the AVIXA Diversity council is getting together in New York City.

Avocor and Logitech create Zoom Room solution with touch interactivity.

Shure wireless microphones power Emmy-nominated live productions.

Zoom support as a service from Pinnaca

Caster Communications discusses getting locked out of their social media accounts, and what it took to reclaim them.

As the internet becomes more ubiquitous and networks expand, how can we keep our information secure and private when it needs to be?

Hibersense showcases a smart home climate control system for multiple rooms under once HVAC. Looking at the potential of this product in several AV spaces.

Looking at AV a service and how it could be utilized within the classroom space.