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Editors note: This is a new feature. One we are rolling out in 2013. Each Monday morning we will post a new blog on various topics. If there is something you think is worth writing about, send us a note and we will take a look.
We began AVWeek and AVNation in late July 2011. Those first few episodes we recorded in the production studios of Lewis & Clark Community College where I am an adjunct professor. (Before you get too impressed, adjunct is a fancy word that means “part-time”.) Since it was summertime, there were no students and the facilities were often unused. It was a good incubator for us to try something new. Since it was unclear what sort of reception another AV podcast would receive, investing in new studios and equipment wasn’t the smartest thing for us to do.
Once classes began back, demand for the production space began to grow. We have moved from radio station production studios to offices, basements, and everywhere in between. This past Fall we at AVNation began to make some changes in the way we do things. One of the most significant was where we record. In October of 2012 we moved into this modest office. It doesn’t look like much, but it is functional.

Michael Drainer’s Soundproofing

The panels on the walls are a creation of my friend, Michael Drainer. The red ball is what I sit on during the shows. It’s an homage to Leo Laporte from This Week in Tech. Leo is the host and creator of one of the most popular independent podcasting network. He used one of these in his old studio.
This shot is the screen I see during the show. It is Adobe Audition, an Allen & Heath Zed 10 board, an EV RE320 and my iPad mount from Premiere Mounts. That mount is from my friend, Sam Malik. Thanks Sam. The RE 320 is the cousin to the mic I used while in radio, the RE 20. Not having the funds to get a proper audio processor, the 320 does a great job for the price.

Screen shot

All in all, it is a great little studio. We have recorded everything from November 1, 2012 on. There have been some glitches along the way. During a few recordings in December the Skype machine, we have one PC for recording and one for Skype, completely crashed. After a trip to EPC, we were on our way again.
This space has allowed us to spread our wings a bit and see what is possible. In the last few weeks we have begun to work with CE Pro on some shows for them. Our first was a special on 4K. Boy, did I learn something during that one. Not only in the pre-show prep, but during the show as well. You can find it here. There are a few more in the works with the great team at CE Pro and EH Publishing. In addition, we have a few other projects for others coming down the pipe as well. If you’re interested, we could do something for you, too. Give us a shout. With new offices, come new contact information. I’ll put that below.
2013 has started out pretty incredible for AVNation. I really hope yours has as well. Have a great week.

Tim Albright, CTS

AVNation TV, LLC

200 W. 3rd Street

Suite 412

Alton, Illinois 62002


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