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I’m pretty involved here at AVNation. I’m on the board of directors. My media firm built and maintains the website. I’m a regular guest on AVWeek and AVsocial as well as the HOWcast show. More importantly I’m a big supporter of what Tim and the rest of the team here are working so diligently to create. One of our goals here is to bring industry news and discussion in a format that people in out business can consume easily. The key to this is bringing good people in our industry together to discuss the issues and news of the day during our shows. The best part is that fact that most often, our show guests have a difference of opinions and various views on those topics. That’s the best part! We can get into some great discussions and debates which in turn is wonderful for our listeners!
I was talking with someone today and we got into a discussion about a couple of blog posts I had written for SCN about AV in the HOW market. As most of you know, I am pretty heavily involved in that market and write alot about it! But we were talking about how I wrote an article highlighting a major lighting design issue that I see in many churches and he was commenting on why I write that type of article, in effect, completely trashing the facility’s lighting design. He was asking what the purpose of that was.
I took the time to explain that you learn the best from other people, how they’ve succeeded, how they failed, what worked for them, and what didn’t. In the case of the article we were discussing, I’ve had many integrators and even some ministry technical directors comment on how that article helped them to realize something they have overlooked or never even thought of in their lighting design.Which is awesome to me, because that’s how I learn too. I’m a hands-on kinda guy. And if I can’t get my hands on it… I want to know about your hands on experience! I want the chance to hear from guys like Tim Albright (AVNation Founder, host of many of our shows) about the broadcast world and EDU technology, guys like George Tucker (host of many of our shows and a frequent guest) about staging keys that he’s picked up over the years! I want to pick up a marketing concept for a pro like Scott Moody(host of AVsocial and a frequent guest), I want to talk automation with guys like Steve Greenblatt (host of A State of Control and a frequent guest), talk home theatre with legends like our good friend Richard Fergosa (a frequent guest)!
And that’s the key to why I’m here, both on staff but mainly as a huge supporter of what we’re building here at AVNation! We are building a community that stretches beyond the marketing and the press releases but one that deals with the information that helps me on that job today and helps me plan for that job tomorrow! I’ve found that AVNation has a very unique niche in our industry and know how much it benefits and helps me, and I know how much you can benefit from it too!
Matt D. ScottPresident, OMEGA Audio Video
Board Member, AVNation

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