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AV WEEK iconTwo years ago I was testing out Google Plus and the Hangout feature with Bradford Benn and Rich Fregosa. I knew these gentlemen from Twitter and we had all just jumped into the deep end of Google’s newest product, Google Plus. In the midst of this conversation, I thought, this could be used to create a pretty cool podcast. After a few posts on Google Plus and Twitter, we had our first panel and our first episode. Episode 0000. Don’t ask me why I named it that, it was just something that came into my head.

As you can see, that first episode featured George Tucker, Linda Seid Frembes, and Michael Drainer. It was a wrap up of InfoComm for 2011, and some other industry news. See, the thing that makes AVWeek work, in my opinion, is that it takes the news from the industry and from the world at large and looks at it through the lens of how it impacts AV. It is a formula I borrowed from This Week in Tech. It works well for Leo Laporte, and I think it works pretty well for us.

So, you are at episode 100? Big deal. It isn’t so much a big deal for the listeners or for those who read this blog. It is a milestone for us at AVNation. It gives us a place to stand for a moment, look back on the last two years and contemplate about what the future will hold.

As someone who studies media, podcasting has a great potential to the mass audience at large. Internet broadcasting is most likely where we will end up one day; or our kids will at least. That is why I am so passionate about it. There is no television station in the world who should put on an “AV” channel. The prospective audience simply isn’t large enough to sustain it. However, the Internet allows a great number of us to serve an industry that we love with content for that audience.

AVWeek is not the first nor the only AV podcast. We are one of a number. We think we do a pretty good job of bringing you the news of the week in a fun, but informative, way. I’ll never say we are the first or only of any of them. There are really great content producers who are making some great stuff. I’ll put links to the ones I’m aware of below. You should really check them out. This week, I just wanted to stop and take inventory of what reaching 100 episodes of AVWeek means to me, personally, and to us here at AVNation. It’s been a long strange trip, and it isn’t over yet. Thank you for taking the ride with us.

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