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It’s AV Week, the celebration of everything AV. InfoComm International began highlighting AV a number of years ago. They do so to “make an impact in raising awareness”, “encourage students to study AV”, and “change perceptions about the industry”.So, what are you doing to celebrate it? You don’t know? Let’s break down some ideas.

1) Throw your AV employees an appreciation breakfast/lunch/dinner. It’s a good time to recognize the work the folks in your AV department do.

2) Host a behind-the-scenes tour for architects, home builders, or IT professionals.

3) Visit your local high schools and do a presentation on the AV industry, how vital and exciting it is, and how to get started in the business,

4) Write op-ed pieces for your local newspapers.

5) Get your local city or state to make a declaration of it being “AV Week” in your area.

These are just some basic ideas, most of which came from the InfoComm AV Week toolbox. In addition to helping you with ideas, InfoComm will give you swag to give away at your various events. If you still don’t have a great idea on what to do watch the Twitterverse under the hashtag #AVWeek. There you will find contests, give-aways, and other ideas to celebrate AV Week.

Thanks for reading. Have a great AV Week.

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