Ready For My Close-Up

The latest episode of AVWeek is something of a milestone for us here. It is our first AVWeek to have a video aspect as well. Below you can watch the entire thing. This is not the first AVNation show to feature video. Credit for that goes to Chris Neto and the Red Band Radio gang. It was their trailblazing that made this episode possible.

We used Google Hangouts. They have a broadcast feature on it. What makes that significant as well is that Google Hangouts is how AVWeek started to begin with. Rich Fregosa, Bradford Benn and myself were trying out the Hangout feature of the newly rolled out Google Plus. It was that conversation that sparked the idea for AVWeek.

We are in the AV business. The V is something we at AVNation have tried to do really well or not at all. Part of it is my own self-consciousness. I am not the smallest guy. Shoot, let’s be frank. I’m a big guy, a fat guy by most estimation. Nobody wants to see that on their screen. The other part was/is we really wanted to have a quality product from the first time out. However, it was time to step our toe into the water a little and see what we could do. It is not perfect by any stretch; but it’s a start. That is really what we were going for. If you liked it, or didn’t, let us know. As our equipment gets better so will the content we provide to you.

Thanks for reading the blog, listening to the podcasts, and watching the videos. Have a great week.

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