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Thoughts on our interview with Joe Calzone of Calzone-Anvil Cases. 

The process of interviewing someone for a show such as the Live Life can involve a bit a strategy.  The plan is to spark a conversation and manage the pace and timing of how and when the information is brought up .  Most of us, feeling time pressures or fear that the listener will bore before we finish have developed a fast talking all-points-in-under-a-min elevator pitch. This all at once delivery can be useful in getting across central ideas, it can also leave us with about 28 minutes of show to fill.   

My co-host, Mike Postupak of PerspectAV, and I do these shows because we want to learn. While we love that others like the show and give us feedback – I truly believe that we would do this even if it was just for us.  Our recent show is one that I have been itching to do since I met Vin Calzone in the WorldStage Shop – working on a case for one of our equipment packages.
On episode nine of ‘The Live Life’ we were put in touch with Joe Calzone. Joe is passionate about what he does which makes my job easy – all I have to do is ask a simple question then sit back and listen.
I expected to advance my own knowledge of how cases are made, what I needed to learn in order to help Joe’s brother, Vin, develop a case for our needs during his monthly trip to our shop.  What I got was a fun story teller  with a delivery that makes one feel like an extended family member and wishing we had time to hear more. We also ended the show wondering what I will bring for Thanksgiving dinner at Joe’s house.
Joe has seen it all, starting as a drummer and literally falling into the case making business.  Calzone-Anvil cases is a classic example of what the modern startup investor looks for, some folks who see a need to fill or improve with an eager clientele.  The company is also the tale of building a following in a tight market with existing suppliers and coming to be its top dog through dedication, hard work and high quality products.
In between stories from the road, the particulars of famous clients cases and how mom was in the building to look over the books, (no really), Joe took us through the entire process of building a case.  During the interview Joe had ready props to show what he was talking about and stopped just short of waxing rhapsodic- a great combo for keeping folks attentative.  
Joe states that what they do at Calzone-Anvil is build ‘low tech boxes to protect high tech shows’. Mike and me agreed that he was being far too humble in this assertion, heck, they built the cases to transport the Space Shuttle wings!   
Do you have any questions about cases we did not cover?  Let us know and we will have the folks from Calzone on again.  

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