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Revolabs – Infocomm 2014 Quick Shot Review.

 This report filed by AVNation Staff
Revolabs invited our staff in for a look at their Infocomm 2014 offerings.  Here is a quick shot review of what we saw.
Revolabs Executive Elite
RevoLabs-ExecEliteMany of us in the AV business are familiar with Revolabs. For years they have provided integrators with reliable wireless mic solutions for conference room and Meeting spaces. This year at Infocomm 2014 they are showing their Executive Elite microphone system.  20140619_14210220140619_142102
The Executive Elite microphone systems come in a 4 and 8-channel model. Both models come with a distributed architecture which takes the Antennae out of the rack and into the room. The mics are RF shielded with RF Armor. You can also expand the total mics on each to 32 mics on the 4 channel model and 44 mics on the 8 channel. One last interesting feature to the Executive Elite is that it comes with AVB audio Output.
All in all the new Executive Elite looks to be an interesting product that would solve many problems that a standard wired mic system could not go.
Dnp Supernova STS
RevoLabs-SupernovaThe Supernova STS Screen is the newest screen from dnp.  The Supernova is a fixed screen that is ideal for use with Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors.  The STS demo had 2800 short throw projector and even under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Convention Center the image was bright and clear.
The screen is built with a 6 layer lens structure that did a nice job of reflecting the light from the projector to the viewer. Another impressive feature is that the Screen can be used as a whiteboard and not limited to wet or dry ease markers. The screen is marketed do the Higher Education and corporate environment where space is tight and a multipurpose screen can dual purposed.
The build quality appears to have a solid build which is needed if the product is intended to be used in a dual purpose role.

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