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Revolution Rebuffed

A demure showing at Infocomm14 is very good thing for the AV business. ~ Tucker.
Evolution not Revolution, the phrase seems to be on the lips of many who attended Infocomm 2014 – in particular from Mike Brandes in his AVNetwork article. I first heard the the statement when uttered by Joel Rollins of Everett Hall Associates while we waited for our bags at Westchester Airport at the returning from the 2013 show.
This year Expectations were high for some dramatic rumbles with the Redmond gang becoming a major sponsor and insisting on a large slice of floor space. Yet, all we got was another ‘you stole my lollipop’ lawsuit and the ‘desert’.
For the last few years the audiovisual market place struggled to find the magic killer product. As sales plummeted, integration houses merged then went under and manufacturers shed staff we all grasped at the next big thing to take hold. It would seem that any fad would do, so long as it kept clients interested and hungry for more. And any fad we got with 3D. It was clearly obvious to anyone who did not hear voices in their head that mass market 3D was in the same vein as Bell Bottoms or Gangnam Style.
This year there was not much in terms of revolutionary devices or concepts, in fact it was downright demure. This is good for the AV industry, very good.
A large percentage of the products, topologies and systems shown this year all built upon existing frameworks with feature tweaks. Nearly all exhibitors showed connect and configure systems, (sans ‘programming’) or added features to existing product lines.
The record numbers for the Orlando last year and Las Vegas this year shows that we are seeing a return of those who held off coming and a host of newcomers .
Having been restricted by tightening purse strings and more attentive spending oversight for the last few years tech managers are not, for the most part, looking for revolutionary changes. Rather than comprehensive budget busters these folks are looking to bring their facilities up to date and fill in gaps left unattended to. The industry has taken an innovation breather, allowing folks to catch up without fear or waiting for a new methodology to prove itself out.
To be clear, there was plenty of cool factor products shown this year – Oblong, Multi Taction and Vaddio are a few examples. Perhaps next year will bring the next push and test our expectations.
For now Stasis is good.

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