Networking AV Class by InfoComm

As college campuses gear up this Fall, you too can go back to school. InfoComm International is offering their latest Networking for the AV Industry Program in Richardson, Texas. This will be on the campus of AMX by Harman. The dates are September 10 – 12, so if you are heading to CEDIA grab the next course.

This course will cover Networking Technology Online as well as Networked AV Systems. According to InfoComm, the audience for this course would be integrators, design consultants, AV and IT managers, as well as IT professionals looking to learn more about AV on their network.

The course does provide 22.5 RU for Network Technology Online and 24 RU for Networked AV systems. So, basically, you could be done with your renewal units with this class.

For more information, check out the InfoComm information page.

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