You Can Pyng All Over the House

Crestron unveiled what “Pyng” was at CEDIA this week. It is an App-based configuration system that allows you to put together home automation. The system is reminiscent of other configuration software except it does not require a computer.

Once you open up the app, the dealer is presented with a five step process to access and connect the various Crestron devices to the new system. You are able to rename and place the devices in various rooms. The app auto-populates with five rooms but you are able to add rooms as needed. Once the system is configured, the home owner has the ability (three step process) to change various settings such as timers and lighting scenes.

You are able to add Pyng to existing Crestron systems.

In addition to Pyng, Crestron introduced Pinpoint. These are Bluetooth devices that provide feedback to the app as to where the app is in the house. So, if you are in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, the app would be able to serve up the proper page or sub page to the user. Due to the fact that it is Bluetooth, this is only available for app based control and not a Crestron wireless device.

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