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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Shahrooz Hariri a.k.a @DigitalRooz and  I LOVE my career! In 1996 I started working at The Good Guys!The Good Guys! was a chain of brick and mortar stores located on the west coast that sold medium to high end video, home & car audio, computers, as well as personal electronics including cameras. Needless to say it was heaven for a 19 year old technology junkie.
Once I knew each product in my respective department it wasn’t long before I was moving on to the next department. As far back as I can remember I’ve maintained an insatiable appetite for product knowledge. The more I know about a product the better prepared I am to offer my customers the proper solution. Getting it right the first time is essential to customer satisfaction and repeat business.
After finishing school in 2002 and trying out the corporate world, I quickly realized something very important. Sitting in a cubicle for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week was simply not an option for me. I was experiencing career burnout at 24 years old. I hated my job and questioned what my future would look like. I knew that there was more out there. There had to be. I felt as if I was a fly trapped in a black widows web with no way out. A career change was necessary to maintain my sanity and happiness.
I told my dad I wanted to start my own I.T. Consulting business. As always my father was very supportive and took me down to the local city offices where I filed for a fictitious business name and I received my business license in February 2002. My father has owned his own appliance repair business since 1979 and has been very successful. I saw no reason why I couldn’t achieve the same at a minimum. He was 27 when he started his business, I beat him by 3 years. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree after all.
Like any new business it takes a while to gain momentum. I was a 24 year old business owner with no prior business experience. I wasn’t concerned, however, because what I lacked in experience I more than made up for with sheer determination and an unrelenting fear of failure. I was going to make this work damn it! Digital Solutionz was my baby and there was no way I was going to be a deadbeat dad. I was going to do anything and everything I could to become a success. I put more hours in front of the computer than I care to remember. I have several vivid memories of immersing myself into my computer screen for so long that I would see the sun rising above the corner of my monitor. Famed author Malcolm Gladwell noted in his NY Times Bestselling book Outliers that one must spend about 10,000 hours of practice at your craft to achieve mastery. Well if that’s the case then I earned my mastery in a little over 2 years.
One day in 2004 I had an epiphany that the home theater world and the I.T. world would fuse together very shortly. It was at that moment that I decided to take what had been a hobby and turn it into the focal point of my business. I was able to transform my business model from just I.T. to include home theater, wired/wireless networks, CCTV, and home automation. Suddenly the possibilities were endless. I was a one stop shop for all my existing I.T. clients.
It was such a great business model that I started to notice brick and mortar stores offering the same type of services, most notably the dorks in the black and white VW bugs. Several hundred clients later I’m still in the game and I am going stronger than ever with no signs of slowing down. I’ve always maintained that if you do a great job you will always have work. Clients might not want to splurge for the flagship amplifier or the curved 4K LED but they are invariably, and happily, willing to pay for outstanding service.
My goal was to shed some light on who I am and what I am all about. I hope that I succeeded in doing such. Stay tuned for much more unbiased and genuine content that each and every one of you can understand and relate to.
Shahrooz Hariri is an experience audiovisual professional with over 18 years of industry experience. He is the owner of Digital Solutionz, established in 2002, and serving the Bay Area of California. You can contact Shahrooz on Twitter at @DigitalRooz or by email at rooz@digitalsolutionz.net.

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