The Case for Regional Shows

When I was first starting out in the AV industry there were a number of integrators in the St. Louis area who would host shows ever quarter or half year. One notable was VMI. They have since gone out of business, but the impact their shows was pretty significant on my young AV mind. This is where I was exposed to my first NLE, a Video Toaster 20 years ago. This show is where I got to experience HD in real life, and it was my introduction to the TriCaster.

In St. Louis, at least, the regional shows have gone the way of the dinosaur. And that is a shame. Recently I was invited to speak at an AVI Systems event in Chicago. This was a regional trade show. It had even more than my nostalgic VMI show. The AVI Systems Chicago Tech Showcase had classes, a number of keynotes and two days full of AV technology. They have planned four more of these events, the next one is in Detroit November 12 and 13.

InfoComm has also started to bring the AV show to the regional level. They will be in San Jose the first part of the year. They are calling it InfoComm Connections. The idea behind it was to bring the experience of the big InfoComm annual show to the tech managers and other end-user type audience who would not normally get the chance to attend the big show. This is a great idea to expose your entire team, whether you are in education or corporate AV, to the latest technology without sending them to Vegas for a week.

We all love Vegas and Orlando. Well, at least I do. However, most organizations don’t have the budget to send everyone. These regional shows allows you to spend a little bit on gas money and a day away from the office and get a similar experience as the big trade shows.

One last thing. I was honored to be invited to speak at the AVI Systems event in Chicago. The topic was control and automation. It was intended for technology managers and IT professionals who are just getting exposed to this control thing. If you are in the Detroit area, you can experience it for yourself as I will be presenting it at the Detroit AVI Systems Tech Showcase. (also the other 3 as well).

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

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