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How to Kill Your Company- So You Can Save Its Life

Gina Sansivero on keeping your company culture healthy 

It’s difficult to run a company. Arguably, the most challenging aspect is managing employees. You’ve heard managers, executives, and owners discuss the best trendy motivation techniques to get the most productivity out of their workers. But the company culture, the internal dynamic of the employee experience, is what provides the foundation for a productive, innovative, and ultimately successful company.
Company culture is formed from the top, but don’t fail to see the influence that all have on the culture. A culture is always in flux and one must be cognizant and respectful of the goals, mission, and culture of the company. Those who aren’t can become a disease that spreads negativity, dissension, distraction, and short-shortsightedness into the culture. This is deadly.
Let’s take a look at some cultural killers that will limit your company’s growth and potential, so that we can help your company become stronger.
My Way Or The Highway
This type of manager or executive doesn’t foster innovation, but does encourage a high rate of turnover among his/her employees. The result is a very uncomfortable atmosphere with those who are most stellar in performance and who can lead the company to improvements seeking employment elsewhere. Employees will tend not to discuss new ideas for projects, products, or processes which will certainly result in a company hemorrhage. We don’t need dictators, we need leaders.
We’ve Always Done It This Way
This is a dangerous way of doing business. Often this type of culture has employees who have been with the company a long time and are comfortable. They have effectively stuck their flag in the ground and claimed ownership of their space. They are defensive against newcomers’ ideas and innovation. While it may support longevity and some stability, these are not the type of employees that will take risks and try new things. This results in a stagnant brand, outdated appeal, and lack of innovation. Where is the relevance to your industry?
Let’s Throw Stuff Against The Wall And See What Sticks
While this may encourage innovation and new ideas, constantly working with this type of atmosphere can create a muddled identity. Employees not only need growth potential, support, and freedom to express ideas, but also some structure, accountability, and ownership from the top. Always trying it another way creates confusion and instability.  It also implies constant change, and we all know how much people like change. Trying new things within the company is not a bad thing, but keep in mind everything in moderation.
Keep an eye out for some of these trends in your company and openly discuss them with your team. The more comfortable your employees are with the culture you instill, the more successful and relevant your business will be. Sometimes, the best motivation is working for a fair, open company where you feel free to propose new ideas and concepts without fear of negativity. Feeling like one can affect change and grow can be empowering.  Of course, there are many other cultural killers to keep an eye out for, which do you encounter often?
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