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Christmas Potpourri

The week of Christmas usually has me running here and there. In my full-time job as Director of Operations at Innovad, we have just finished up one of the biggest jobs of the year. We are gearing up for three more in the first quarter of next year. My wonderful marketing team are still trying to teach me how to market a company like Innovad and I’m slowly learning. They have the patience of saints. This week’s blog is really going to be a catch-all for everything that has been going on in my head this week as a number of us gear up for some time off with our families. So, enjoy the non sequiturs and have a happy holiday season.
NSCA Videos
NSCA has been producing videos for a number of years. One that caught my eye a few months back was Chuck Wilson’s “Question of the Week”. If you haven’t seen an episode, this week’s was particularly relevent to those of us on the business and project management side of AV; KPIs. Check it out here. Beyond this specific video, subscribing to NSCA’s YouTube wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Subscribing to YouTube channels lets you know when the producer has put something new up and the title as well as a short synopsis. This information is emailed to you so you don’t even have to go to YouTube to check it out. Very convenient.
Yeah! We have sent out our first newsletter.  A number of months ago we began asking you to sign up for periodic updates from AVNation. A ton of you did, so thank you. If you haven’t yet, you can do so here.

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Begining in January we will be sending out monthly newsletters on the shows, videos, and blogs we have been producing. This is for those of you who would like to keep up on the latest happenings at AVNation. During tradeshows we will be sending out daily updates as well. Our first newsletter was a general “thank you” to those subscribers. They also were treated with a sneak peek at Phil Cordell’s latest video, the #AVSweater Song.
ISE 2015 Update
Thank you, again, for all our supporters for helping us get to Integrated Systems Europe in 2015. We raised $11,000. The way Kickstarter works, they keep about %15 so we are left with just over a $9000 operating budget. We are trying to be as frugal as possible with the money you have entrusted us with. The tickets are the least expensive we could get. In looking at lodging, we had budgeted to be in hotels. Christ Neto suggested checking out AirBNB. If you aren’t familiar with this, it is a service where you rent out your house to a visitor coming in through the website. Both parties are verified and checked out. Well, by doing this we were able to book an apartment “three minutes walk” from the RAI. So, there will be no cab or bus fees. It also saved us about $1000 in lodging costs. So, a great week all around.
That’s all this week. Thank you, again, for a great year. We have some wonderful things planned for you in 2015. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great holiday week.

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Tim Albright is the founder of AVNation and is the driving force behind the AVNation network. He carries the InfoComm CTS, a B.S. from Greenville College and is pursuing an M.S. in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. When not steering the AVNation ship, Tim has spent his career designing systems for churches both large and small, Fortune 500 companies, and education facilities.

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