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An #AVSweater holiday song

“Under the tree for all to see. An #AVsweater for you and me.”

Here it is #AVtweeps. Our latest look at the people that make up the AV industry in all of their holiday finest:
The holiday season is a time for togetherness with family and friends.  We hope that the #Avsweater delivers  on our promise to the AV industry help to foster and develop a deeper sense of community. We’d like to personally thank the following people and organizations for making this possible: 

  • John Greene , @jgreenesix,  and Marina Gregory , @MGregory44,  from AdvancedAV, who both were instrumental in making this idea a reality. Plus John Greene’s tweet at 2:30am to Chris Neto is now famous as the spark that started it all.
  • Advanced AV ,  @Advanced_AV, for providing us with some wonderful Prizes to inspire  #AVtweeps to take Pics of their Holiday sweaters.
  • Phillip Cordell, @The_AV_Pro, who handled the music, writing and the starred of the music Video. He may be the hardest working man in the “AV show business” (No disrespect to the Godfather of Soul James Brown).

 And thanks again to everyone who supported us in making this a success.  Without you none of this would have been possible. The contest winners will be announced and posted this week on AVNation.tv.
 We wish you all a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!
 The AVnation Team

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  2. Our success for the AV Sweater was founded in AV Nation help and support. With a real loud shout out to Chris Neto and Phillip Cordell efforts. Hope all had fun in the spirit of the Holidays.

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