The AVnu Alliance Goes Industrial

This week the AVnu Alliance announced their “fourth pillar”. This is the newest area the AVB organization is focusing on. It is an area they have not gone after before and one that, on the face of it, may not make sense. What sort of audio or video would you be sending in the industrial segment? Well, that’s not what they are after. It is the control.

The idea of AVB is no stranger to the reader of this blog. I have been bullish on AVB and the AVnu Alliance for a couple of years.  Being able to multicast audio and video together over a (basically) standard network is very exciting. They are still working out the bugs with the video portion, but the audio is typically rock solid. Take it from someone who has designed, programmed, and commissioned several AVB audio installations. Now they are going after control in the industrial segment.

At first, this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Why would a group who has dedicated itself to audio and video over the network worry about industrial control? One answer could be that by working on this fourth pillar, it will benefit the first three.

While the task group that works on making AVB work for industrial control hones the delivery of control packets it will advance the delivery of other information as well; read audio and video. When AVB is able to provide the on-time information industrial control needs, they should be able to provide the same level of information delivery to the audio and video portions of their network as well.

In addition to this latest announcement, the AVnu Alliance has also started certifying video products in a similar manner they have the audio components. Granted, the AVB audio certification process is taking longer than they would prefer, they at least have it in place. The certification process is crucial to helping AVB become adopted in Fortune 500 infrastructures.

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