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The Voices In My Head Are Speaking Dutch

,AeuIt,Aeos the BIGGEST AV show outside the US.,Aeu
That statement has been echoing around my head ever since we at AVNation were invited to cover the show back in September. How does it differ from the US shows? Who would be there that I know? Or better yet, who will be there that I don,Aeot?
For many the ISE show is annual event. It is Europe,Aeos version of the InfoComm and CEDIA shows rolled into one. On paper the event is impressive. Over 1000 exhibitors, countless educational opportunities, and for the commercial AV professional a glimpse into what CEDIA has to offer and vice versa. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign I will get to experience this event first hand. So I,Aeom back to the questions in my head while looking forward to a few particulars at the ISE Show.
The Microsoft Lounge
At InfoComm 2014 we were treated to soft seated, workspace with recharging stations at the Microsoft booth. Prior to the event we knew that Microsoft would not be showing much of anything but the curious still ventured into the area to peak at the real estate. Recently, Microsoft announced its first product targeted at the meeting room. The 84,Aeu Surface Hub is reported to be on its way to ISE for the world to see. Will it be there? I,Aeoll assume so. Is it revolutionary or a game changer in the space? Hardly. I,Aeom more curious to see the quality of the 4k display and to play with windows 10. That is the extent of my curiosity but never the less I will check it out.
The Crossover
The crossover is what I refer to as products that are on the residential side of the business but have begun to bleed into the commercial side of the industry. Blasphemy! How can commercial use residential products?! The fact is, much of what,Aeos on the residential side of the industry inspires, or in some cases forces, change in the commercial world. In this space I am looking more at the trends to see what customers will use in their homes and try to find a commercial fit.
Quantum Dots
I want to see the technology in person. On paper and what I,Aeove seen coming out of the CES show has piqued my interest. I have been a fan of OLED and this is it purported killer so let,Aeos see.
My own curiosity
I,Aeom curious about how the media, integrators, consultants, and manufacturers differ from what we do here in the US. How different is the AV world outside of our bubble? What new brands or newly introduced tech will I find buried in the ,Aeuback 50,Aeu.
See you on the other side.

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