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Exultation of Expectations

George Tucker Muses on the connections and chasms between the EU and US on AVNation’s first trip to ISE.
The community of audio visual pros is a small one and the circle grows tighter if you limit it to the integration market. The connective leaps between us are tiny, yet the differences can be chasms.
Of Sideshows and Elbows
Why do we go to trade shows when nearly all the information imparted can be found online?
It is where we gather to learn and see for ourselves, holding the prophecies of what,Aeos next in our own hands. -*It is where we get to rub elbows, where small talk turns to collaborative coalitions, and deft reading of body language can provide desired determinations.
US shows are boisterous, chest beating affairs full of brash noise and declaratives. The big boys pull out all the stops from throbbing music to search lights announcing their location. -*-*It,Aeos Vegas Baby! It is Motley Crue and NY 80,Aeos rap rolled into shouts of ,AeuViva capitalism! Praise ,Aeomericano!,Aeu
Off to Amsterdam … With Baggage.
Whether we care to admit it or not, preparing for an initial visit to a European technology show comes with the weight of historical complexes.
At heart, we are all technologists and share common core disciplines to create the systems which solve our client,Aeos needs. -*There is an element of these needs which can make us an exemplar of the George Bernard Shaw quote about Britain and America as ,AeuTwo countries separated by a common language.,Aeu -*We speak in the same tongue but the context differs.
America has always had a complicated relationship with Europe. The ,AeoNew World,Aeo was a commercial endeavor for the sea faring powers of the time and it took multiple generations before the colonies attempted to come out of the shadow. -*While industrious and technological innovators, the former colonists looked over the ocean for design, fashion, and literature. -*It was not until Whitman, Melville, and Twain did a muscle of an independent voice find its own strength.
The allure is still strong today. -*From European health treatments, ,AeoEuropean Styling,Aeo and European engineering, advertisers barrage US viewers with a message that the old world knows better.
The Blues Back to You
There is some gravity to the statements of aesthetic sophistication in the countries across the pond. -*So much so we often look there for validation of our own works.
Rock n,Aeo Roll may have had its birthing pains in the US but it was only when musicians distilled the blues records of the southern US into their version did many of us take notice. -*Punk, a reaction to over produced rock and a stripped down reboot to the blues, was created in New York City. It took a performance at the London Roundhouse by the Ramones and the resulting English embrace, before it garnered serious attention back home.
Exultation-*of Expectations
There are clear differences in how AV is done. Expectations are based on everything from building codes (not a heck of a lot of drywall ,Aeoover there,Aeo) to lifestyle and relationships to work.
Attending ISE is not just another trade show. Yes, there will be the cadre of known goods and technologies but there will be something more. -*Ideas to share, discover, and explore. -*A much lauded city to get but a taste of and fascinating folks to engage.
Call to Action
Whether you are to be at ISE or cannot make it this year, I want to know what you would like to know. What would you like us to dig deeper into? -*Any personalities the community has yet to learn of but should. -*Make our trip your trip as well.
image used under creative commons licence. Photo by MorBCN

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