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ISE Day One – Preamble

Trade shows are like the Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino’s book.
Each city is built up from near nothing with fantastical facades reflecting the dreams and desires of its inhabitants. These cities are of what is but more importantly of what can be.
While the builders toil each visitor brings their own lenses to focus through, often synchronicity strikes and solutions are made.
Some are bric-a-brac builds strung up between towers, each new segment a chapter on the past and its hopes (and predictions) for the next generation.
Others are gleaming beacons of a unified user base, connections are made with efficiency and eloquence . -*This is the now, and the next.
Walking through the cluttered avenues today with the cacophony of potentials hanging in the air and the birth remnants littering the floor – each of the daily -*temporary citizens will see the same, differently.
These Cities mean what we want them to. -*Enlightenment, progress, stability, shifting landscapes.

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