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Spanish LED Manufacturer

There’s a line I never thought I’d type. A Spanish LED manufacturer. However, as soon as you enter Hall 8 at ISE 2015 you are met with an impressive LED wall from alfalite. They have a 3 mm pitch for indoor, slightly bigger for their outdoor and floor model. Yes, they have an LED floor.
Not to be flip, but there are a large number of LED manufacturers here in Amsterdam. Most of them are Chinese companies. This is not news. What is news is that alfalite are about two months from beginning the construction of their LED walls in their home country of Spain.
According to U.S. sales manager, Eric Flagg, the rise of Chinese prices, tariffs placed on Chinese products, and the competitive wages of Spanish labor puts them on the same price point as a number of the Chinese brands. In addition, they are positioning themselves as having superior customer service. “We want customers for life”, is the way Flagg put it.
alfalite is most likely going to exhibit at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando and shortly after that will begin entering the U.S. market. They face some of the same challenges as China with various taxes and tariffs. However, if the quality of their product matches what was on the show floor, they will have a ready customer base who is weary of dealing with some of the Chinese nuances or the higher prices of current American and EU LED companies.

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