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Two Compasses and a Flare Gun

 I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.
 Attributed to Daniel Boone.

Even the hardiest of explorers have learned that the best maps are not always accurate nor true indicators of the challenges inherent in the path.
On paper, (that is – the fold out map provided by the show), it is clear that the show is large and dense. While all shows require a plan of attack, ISE 2015 insists on one knowing more than what direction the sun sets to get your way around.
ISE has the remarkable state of being both intimate and unrelentingly large. -*The ceilings in the hall are, or at least appear, to be half the height of the halls -*in Vegas and Florida. -*The aisles are narrow, more like the old streets of Amsterdam , as Chris Neto aptly described them.
In gaining our footing the day felt like it required two compasses, a flare gun and a climbing rope just to get around.
This show is dense.
The sheer mass of booths (or rather ,AeoStands,Aeo as they are called here), make it much more likely -*that smaller showings, products off the beaten path plentiful. -*-*From elegant and sleek intercom and entry security systems to the flotilla of micro manufactures looking to gain a foothold. It is more than all here.

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