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You Never Know Who's Listening

Each and every week, we here at AVNation do our best to put together shows and informational content that we hope is useful to our readers and followers. Sometimes that content turns into something extraordinary.
Our flagship webcast is AVWeek. A weekly roundup of stories from around the AV and technology industries that may have slipped by you or perhaps were the most important, and possibly industry shaking, things to take place during that time. We strive to invite people from all over the United States, and occasionally the globe, and from the different aspects of the industry (commercial, residential, live production, manufacturing, etc.) so that we can get as many different sides to the story as possible. One such participant, Matt Slack of AV Solutions, connected with us as the NSCA Business and Leadership Conference and had quite a story to tell about what happened after Tim thanked you for watching and listening.
Slack joined us on the show to share his opinions and insights as each guest we have signs up to do. The recording went out into the world and one day one of the listeners happened to be working for a competitor. When you are on AVWeek you are a representation not only of yourself, but also of the company that you work for. ,AeuIf we had said something stupid, someone would have spoken up,AexB6or countered.,Aeu But clearly that day saying something stupid wasn,Aeot an issue for Slack.
Being on AVWeek allowed him to share his perspective on the industry, the customers, and what his company,Aeos role was in the AV industry. In the simplest and elegant terms, ,Aeuwho we are, what we do, and what we think,,Aeu Slack stated. Due to the more casual conversation taking place, it allows the listeners to get to ,Aeu[know]us in a way you wouldn,Aeot get to,,Aeu if it were in a trade show or more professional setting.
The competitor listening to the recording clearly heard something that resonated within himself as Slack didn,Aeot hold back from revealing information about how his company operates and handles its business, as shortly thereafter, this listener was no longer a competitor, but in fact an employee at AV Solutions.
When asked what he felt the benefit of being on AVWeek brought to anyone who wished to be a future guest, Slack had this to say:

,AeuAVWeek broadens your perspective by interacting with intelligent, qualified industry peers. [AVWeek] potentially challenges your standpoint as others interact in the conversation. It provides exposure both within the industry and to the public. It benefits the industry by bringing exposure in a way the general public can easily find by searching AV and podcast online. And ultimately, in our case, connects us to talent and resources that we need to continue to grow our business and serve our clients.,Aeu

At AVNation we strive to make it all about the AV community. We are all working industry professionals that do this on the side. Our goal is to help expand and grow that community and conversation in any way we can. The last point Slack mentioned during the conversation was for anyone that,Aeos ever wanted to be a guest on AVWeek.
,AeuAny qualified participant that receives the invitation should go on AVWeek. I think there,Aeos a place for some of my clients, the technology managers, the buyers,AexB6I think there,Aeos certainly a place for the integrators, and service providers, and manufacturers, and the industry associations. There,Aeos probably even place for the end users; a lawyer, a teacher, people who are using this equipment in their daily lives. We sometimes lose focus of that.-* The real issue is providing value to the people who use the technology.,Aeu
If you want to strike your own chord with the AV community or those end users listening, by all means reach out and find us on Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, or even good old fashioned e-mail.

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