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Josh Srago Heads to NAB 2015

Josh Srago heads to NAB 2015 ~ will he get to question FCC Chairman Wheeler?
After a year of writing about Net Neutrality and the affects that the various plans put forward by the FCC could have on the AV industry, I am-*going to travel to Las Vegas, NV to attempt to reach out to Chairman Wheeler, who will be speaking at the prestigious event.
In just the short time since this trip has been confirmed I was already afforded the opportunity to submit three questions to be vetted by Chairman Wheeler’s staff. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing those questions that I submitted and I want to hear your thoughts. What do you think I should have asked and what questions do you still have about Net Neutrality?
Stay tuned to AVNation for the progress as we receive the official 317 page document and run through it all the information therein, and then head off to try and get our questions answered in person!

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