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The Friday 5: March 6, 2015

Custom vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions Debated at InfoComm Connections
The audiovisual industry is changing and there’s no doubt about that or, realistically, no smart doubt about that. The debate waged was is simple – an off-the-shelf effective solution for unified communications that is easy to install in 40 rooms the way to go, or is a highly customizable solution which will offer a fuller set of capabilities the way to continue. Surely this debate will continue and spill over into other parts of the industry.
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Don’t Stop Daydreaming: Why a Wondering Mind is-*Good for You
Sure, its not the best practice to be playing video games while taking tech support calls, or to be watching a baseball game while consulting on a client’s project, or even to sit at your desk blankly staring at the wall wishing you were somewhere else. Wait, what’s that? It isn’t a bad idea to daydream? Most do their best thinking and planning and are most productive when letting their mind wonder? Go on, tell me more! As an ADHD child, my elementary, middle and high school principals must not have realized how creative I was being while zoned out at my desk. Maybe that’s why I’m an engineer and not an artist.
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New Kramer Extenders Use Valens Chipset
Kramer is one of the first companies to adopt Valens’ Colligo chipset, which expands the HDBaseT functionality to offer native support for USB 2.0. With Kramer adopting them already, will this become the new standard of HDBaseT? Sorry for the product release announcement, but the most important part of this is the Colligo chipset becoming more and more adopted moving forward.
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How we should and shouldn’t use women to sell technology
If you recall, there were many words written on the subject of ‘booth babes’ and using women, sex appeal and skin to sell anything, but specifically audiovisual products. After last year’s US trade show there was a rather tepid response from InfoComm denouncing the practice of using sex appeal to sling product, but not going so far as to do anything about it. As we all know, our Fairfax friends can be a bit scared of confrontation, or upsetting a member, or, if we’re honest, missing out on trade show booth revenue. This article takes a good look at using women to sell product, correctly. As in, have women that work for your company and who are knowledgeable talk with customers.
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Does Being Social on Social Media Really Work?-*
There’s been a big push in our industry to adopt social media, and rightfully so. Chances are you clicked on a twitter post and that’s how you got here, unless you check in every week – if that’s the case, thanks Mom! But what winds up happening more often than not is a employee, or a company, signs up for twitter, is incredibly active for a few days or weeks then completely forgets their profile exists leaving behind a few tweets and likely a profile photo of an egg. This kind of ‘social engagement’ isn’t working. Alex Carson-*-*writes on the subject of social engagement.
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