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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Corporate Video

If you are making a corporate video, you are likely tempted to dive right into the project head first. Making videos is quite fun compared to most other workplace responsibilities. Yet it isn’t all glamour and artistic expression. Plenty of projects turn out to be duds because the filmmakers make some common critical mistakes. Below, we take a look at these mistakes so that you can learn from the errors of others and build a successful corporate video that appeals to your customer base.
Mistake 1: Telling Instead Of Showing
Creating a corporate video is just like any other form of artistic expression. Experienced artists know that their work should show messages and themes to viewers instead of telling them. Video is a rapidly growing marketing medium for good reason. Audiences really respond to its direct and visual nature. It is incredibly persuasive compared to other forms of media. So take full advantage of video’s potential and use it to show exactly what your company is all about and why your products and services are so valuable. Don’t explain it to the audience as if you are conducting a classroom lecture. You can use video to display animations, skits, graphics and then pair it all with voice overs and music. This is a dynamic medium that presents valuable opportunities for you to sell your company and its products.
Mistake 2: Focusing On Your Company Instead Of The Customer
Remember that your audience is your customer base, not your co-workers and industry colleagues. Customers are only interested in how your company’s products and services can improve their lives. Their interest isn’t in the company’s history or your manufacturing methods. Don’t lose sight of the original purpose for creating your corporate video. The goal is to show how the business and its products solve customer problems. So build the video content with the customer’s viewpoint in mind. They should be able to relate to the video content and easily understand how the company’s products and services can better their lives.
Mistake 3: Showing Only What You Do Instead Of Engaging The Customer In The Brand
The last point mentioned that you should clearly explain the benefits of the goods and services that you produce. But keep in mind that it is a mistake to not include information about the brand. Take the opportunity to present your brand’s identity and vision in your video. It shouldn,Aeot be the focus of the video, but customers should feel like the video belongs to your brand. Customers want to know about the company behind the good or service. This awareness strengthens brand identity and helps to foster deep customer ties that will last for years. So include brand colours and a message that resonates with your brands core values and beliefs. Build a persuasive narrative that allows customers to connect with your brand instead of just viewing your video as a marketing ploy that is designed to sell them products for profits.
Mistake 4: Telling A Story That You Think Customers Need To Hear
Your corporate video should cater directly toward your target demographic. Think about how your goods and services solve specific problems in their lives. Tell them the story that they want to hear instead of the story that you think they should hear. If you present a sales pitch in a compelling video that caters to your customers’ interests, you’ll be able to forge a deep connection with the viewing audience.
Mistake 5: Not Relying On Real People
Your audience can identify with down to Earth people who can tell stories similar to their own. So don’t fall into the temptation of paying talking heads to act out elaborate scripts for your corporate video. Keep it simple and use real people who’ve benefited from your company’s products. Nobody wants to listen to a monologue from an actor or company executive in which he explains why customers should purchase the company’s products. That is a boring approach that the audience can’t relate to. Spend some time to uncover people who have actually used your company’s products to solve real life problems and then convince them to participate in your corporate video. Your video will feel much more authentic without the stiff talking heads.
Mistake 6: Expecting Your Editor to Save the Day
Don’t rely on your video editor to pull off a miracle that converts your bland video into something magical. The editor’s powers are limited and he can only work with the content that you’ve provided. Editors can pinpoint some highlights and manipulate them to build something greater than the sum of its parts but they can’t rescue a poorly made video. Include your editor early on in the process so they can provide feedback and suggestions on how to proceed and make a better end product. Think of your editor as someone who can fine tune content that is already high quality. It’s the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.
Mistake 7: Adhering To A Strict Formula
While you might have storyboards and a specific idea of how the video should begin, proceed and end, you must remain flexible throughout the creative process. Let the story unfold naturally. This way, your video won’t seem regimented. Viewers want spontaneity, or at least the impression that the video isn’t completely formulaic and scripted. So let your thinking be inspired by co-workers and ideas that hit you as the project moves along. This way, your video will truly feel organic and sincere.
Let,Aeos Summarize!
So let,Aeos recap what we learned. Show your audience rather than telling them. You are making a video after all! Take advantage of the visual medium. Next, your video should be customer oriented. You are making the video for them, not your company! However, don,Aeot lose all of your company,Aeos personality. You want your brand values and beliefs to bleed through. It,Aeos a great opportunity to make a connection with your brand and your customers! Don,Aeot try to fake sincerity. Using real people and having some spontaneity to your video will make it more personable and genuine. More people are likely to connect with something that just feels real. Lastly, don,Aeot forget to include your editor in the process! They can have key insights and suggestions that could make for a better final video production.
Now that you know some of the mistakes to avoid when making a corporate video, you,Aeoll be creating much more refined productions. If you still have doubts about how to create the best possible video, consider talking to a video production company. They are more than happy to walk you through the entire process from conception to completion.
This article was submitted by Duane Rajkumar on behalf of One Inch Punch Pro, a Toronto based video production company with experience creating corporate videos, music videos, short films, reality television and more.

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