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Love my #AVfamily

As many of you know, this week my wife Fiona and I welcomed the arrival of our first born child, Cohen D. Scott. This had been a long time coming and our journey to parenthood has included-*many doctor-*appointments, too many needles-*and tests, lots of-*prayers and lots of tears. But as I,Aeove held my newborn in my arms over the last four days, all of these things fade away. I,Aeove never felt joy like I,Aeove felt when he,Aeos in my arms.
As we went through the pregnancy and the subsequent birth of Cohen, I was continually amazed at how my friends, my #AVfamily reached out to me through the whole process. Not only did you celebrate the pregnancy with us, you were there throughout the-*pregnancy, checking in to see how we were doing, how baby Cohen was coming along. You arrived at-*tradeshow events with presents and words of encouragement.
Matt Scott holding baby Cohen ScottWith our due date quickly approaching, my cellphone, email inbox and social media feeds continued to fill up with members of my #AVFamily seeing how my wife was feeling, if we had our baby yet. Once Cohen finally arrived-*and the first photos were posted, you all blew me away with your kind words of congratulations and encouragement.
I was so happy to know that Cohen has been welcomed just as warmly into our #AVfamily as I was just a few short years ago.-*So thanks again for being my extended family, for reminding me how close our #AVfamily really is!

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