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The Friday 5: March 13th

Last Man Standing
Christopher Maione creates the definitive guide and glossary for AV Project Managers to use with their clients for seamless project management and to avoid being at fault if there happen to be any delays in the project. Handing this document to your customers early in the process can reduce or-*eliminate headaches and mismanaged expectations later in the project. For a long time, as a customer, I could have benefited from this. My apologies to integrators everywhere for holding up your progress then complaining the work wasn’t done on time.
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Retiring the out-of-office message
David Danto raises the question how-*in a world where we are always reachable, why do we waste time and complicate the process by encumbering ourselves with the out-of-office process? Using the out-of-office might have it’s place when on vacation, or a time when you need to be unreachable, but in everyday operations, regardless how often you travel, you’re always reachable. I have email on my phone, iPad and laptop. I can make and receive calls from my cell, iPad and laptop as well. If I have cell service, or Wi-Fi (roughly 99% of the time) I can be reached if necessary.
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Three Trends Transforming the Conference Room
Conference rooms, huddle rooms, meeting rooms. There are many names for the same thing and for the most part the technological trends for each are similar. Jennifer Davis, Vice President of Marketing at Planar Systems and Runco International offers her thoughts on where the technology trends in conference rooms are heading. In my opinion she is spot on in her assessment. If we want our meetings to be transformative, it’s time to transform the meeting space.
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Google’s internet balloons have stopped falling out of the sky and suddenly look like they’re going to be a huge business
You might recall some time ago, Google X laboratory launched Project Loon (2013), an ingenious way to to float internet access all over the world. Especially remote parts of the world not normally serviced by telecommunications providers. There was significant difficulty up front, as these balloons would fall from the sky. Those days are over, and Project Loon appears to be on the forefront of feasibility. Originally designed to service rural areas, these balloons could, in theory, compete with, or eliminate all together, the need for traditional cellular services in a few decades.
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On Company Growth: ‘But We’ve Never Done it That Way’
Whether you’re an integrator, consultant or manufacturer there’s no doubting the importance of growing inside the industry, as individuals and as companies. So often, in conversations, I’ve come across people bemoaning their lack of growth; one simple way to move forward is to stop doing all the things that led you to the plateau you’re currently on. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can’t do what you’ve always done an expect different results.
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