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Muybridges so Cool He's Gotta Wear Shades

Throwback Thursday – Per request of Craig MacCormick
Originally -*Posted January 27, 2011
3D was a thing in 2010/ 2011, some-*saw it as a salvation for the industry in a time of deep recession. -*Not many of us.-*Or do you still hold out hope?
3D TV and the Consumer Electronic Follies ~ George Tucker
Technical buzzwords are such the evocative things, love ,Aeoem or hate ,Aeoem they help us to wrap our heads
Muybridge floataround complicated concepts and give the Marketers something to peddle to the masses.-*Snake oil carpetbaggers a new label to misappropriate.
When High Definition panels started to really take traction in the home market, HD became the buzzword-*that every manufacturer, tech magazine and consumer electronics device had to include. Regardless of the
actual ability to do anything constructive with an HD signal.
Many of you who, as I do, spend many undesired hours awake at 2am will recall ads for HD vision glasses. -*The ads tag line is–* ,AeoSee in HD,Aeo!-* An associate, who will remain anonymous to lessen his shame, actually bought a pair and claims that they work, but give him headache after a few hours.
If the glasses were not enough, a few days ago I heard an advertisement for a 3D branded electric shaver, my head hurts thinking about that.
Speaking of headaches and 3D.Headache
3D is everywhere, or at least the promise if it for the mass market is the talk of every AV magazine, blog and Box Store ,Aeosales associate,Aeo.
If you haven,Aeot heard the ceaseless din of 3D ready devices and displays, I can presume you still use a TV that will change channels if an errant slinky is nearby.-* I haven,Aeot heard such over hype since they announced the (never released) Brenda Starr movie.
The success of Avatar whipped up frenzy amongst integrators and manufacturers in a down economy looking for any path that could generate revenue. From system upgrades and hardware sales to movie productions and disc sales, yes indeed 3D could just save the earth from becoming an interstellar highway bypass.
As kid I watched with a religious fervor the WPIX broadcasts of 1940,Aeos and 50,Aeos movies on Sunday afternoons.-* In between the Abbot and Costello features the station ran trailers to fill in time.-* Invariably there was at least one Vincent Price 3D trailer shown.-* -*Watching these films in theater must have made one feel like Marty Feldman on a hyperthyroidism bender. At least it is how I felt upon leaving the theater after watching Avatar.
Honestly, what other AV technology has the AMA warning against ,Aeo,AexB6pregnant women, the elderly and drunks,AexB6,Aeu from using 3D displays?
Nintendo has put out a warning that children under six should not use the 3DS, at all.
Will theaters have to start stationing nurses outside or have patrons sign a release prior to viewing, just as producers for ,AeoThe Blob,Aeo did? Except this time it will be for real?
Is this really the legacy of Muybridge,Aeos work and gentle afternoons in Victorian sitting rooms with Stereoscopic viewers?-* Is there really a mass audience who want to enjoy ducking flyspecks or Leonopteryx poop flying out at them from the screen, in the comfort of home?
A short history lesson: Muybridge created a series of ,Aeoanimal locomotion ,Aeo photos using multiple cameras, strobes and a wire trigger system.-* If you do not recognize the name Muybridge you have been exposed to his work numerous time, most folks have seen ,Aeowoman descending stairs,Aeo- whether you intended to or not. The ,Aeolocomotion studies,Aeo showed animals of all species running and jumping, most contained studies of human locomotion.
Video Link to portions if the film (NSFW , mostly)
Most of the human locomotion photos studied female models in gauzy material.-* It is not surprising that the lectures Muybridge gave were restricted to male audience members only.
Thomas Edison later bought a large section of Muybridge,Aeos work and equipment, sequestered himself in his Secaucus-* NJ lab where the first motion pictures were soon after ,Aeoinvented,Aeo.
The connection?-* Pundits of the time gave very little credence to Mr. Edison or Muybridge,Aeos creations, aside from a passing fancy.
Of course 3D has a future, the question is will it revolutionize the way we watch media at home?
Just as with HD and surround sound – when it is done right the results are stunning, when done wrong it can make you 3Dphysically ill.
I do not see 3D becoming the de facto way to present media. -*-*Gaming and interactive training concepts work really well, but I still cannot see myself and friends gathered around the TV wearing silly glasses and jockeying for the ,Aeosweet,Aeo spot during a game.
Yes, I have seen demos at Infocomm and CEDIA but the experience is always a singular one- encased and separated from my fellow viewers by a hunk of hardware on my head.
Besides, I am really more a Blue-Blockers kinda guy.

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