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The Friday 5 March 20, 2015

The Life of a Tech Manager: What it Means to Manage AV/IT Systems Today
The days of the AV guy being just the person who pushes around the cart with the VCR/TV are-*gone, well mostly (looking at you, higher ed), and the IT guy is no longer the one to help you open up a document in Microsoft Word (for the most part). Today technology managers are tasked with designing systems, enhancing productivity and ensuring positive ROI. The role has evolved, as well as the options in career paths.
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News Roundup: The Info You Need from Enterprise Connect
A look at the news coming from Enterprise Connect, a brief tradeshow for those in unified communications that wrapped up yesterday in Kissimme, FL. Lots a great products were announced and demonstrated by a variety of manufacturers known, and foreign, to traditional AV professionals, including Sprint. Let’s just hope Sprint’s “Workplace-as-a-service” is a little more stable than their cellular service.
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Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer Brand
Normally I do my best to avoid reading stories that include the term ‘brand.’ I find it to be almost as annoying as articles categorizing Millennials as some-*enigmatic group of people that must be explained, more on that later. However, for anyone who has used a windows computer knows, Internet Explorer (or the program used to download Chrome/Firefox/Opera) is cumbersome at best, incredibly awful at worst. Thankfully, Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer web browser. Now we wait patiently to discover what fresh hell Microsoft comes up with next to replace it.
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Museums Turn to Technology to Boost Attendance by Millennials
Ugh, back-to-back I referenced ‘brands’ and ‘millennials,’ I’m so sorry. Museums, much like any other business, are faced with the challenge of how to market and appeal to the highly coveted 18-34 demographic. Young, upwardly mobile individuals with disposable incomes to be precise. One of the ways museums are doing this is through technology: whether it’s a companion mobile application replacing (or complementing) a docent, or it’s robust digital signage and video distribution systems, it’s clear that high-end technology is being rapidly adopted by museums.
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Does the FCC’s Open Internet Rules Show ‘BIAS’ Against AV?
If you’ve been living under a rock, the FCC has released its plan for Net Neutrality and several AV Professionals have teed up and taken a swing about what it means for the AV Industry, and specifically Videoconferencing.-*Related:-*The BIAS of Net Neutrality. Both articles take a well-thought, albeit cursory (because who wants to read a detailed comparison of nuanced regulatory law in a blog post), view of what the possible and likely effects of this plan mean for our industry. AVNation will cover FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s presser from NAB in April, stay tuned for that recap.
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