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Cord Cutting & You

,AeuWhat is cord cutting,,Aeu you say? It’s actually freeing yourself from expensive cable and satellite bills; hence cutting the cord.
Back in the day when cable grew its ugly head, it was a necessity to get a clean signal and good picture without any tinkering. Cable provided the best picture quality back in the late ’70’s. Over the air, or OTA, broadcasts were analog and if you couldn’t fine tune the picture you got a snowy mess, but that mess was free.
Now, in 2015, there is no reason to subscribe to cable or satellite because the networks are broadcasting over the air in glorious 720p and 1080i digital signal. No more snow, no more fine tuning the tuner, you either get the signal or you don,Aeot.
Buying a modern antenna, which is small compared to the old 70’s and 80’s yagi antennas and now fit in attics or of course be mounted -*outside without it sticking out like a very sore thumb will allow you to capture 20-30 channels in an urban or suburban environment. That is 20-30 channels that are free and are all in HD. Also, some channels have sub-channels that will show in 480p. You will be getting ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and other independent channels. What more can you ask for when it’s free?! There are no subscription fees and all you need to do is a one-time payment on an antenna.
Cutting the cord will save you thousands of dollars each year. Hell, it will even let you save some money for a car or anything else you want.
Now, some people say that they will miss the Food Network or Discovery channel; this is where Netflix fits in. Netflix displays all these show from your favorite specialty channel for only $8 a month.
To sum things up, you may be going from an $80-$120 a month cable bill to $8. How,Aeos them apples?! Don’t let anyone fool you, this is not illegal or sneaky or anything like that. The government has given us the right to watch free TV over the air since the 50’s, so this is perfectly legal and within your rights.
Do yourself and your family a big favor, cut the cord and free yourself from cable! Once you have done it, you will say to yourself…”Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

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