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The Friday 5: March 27, 2015

10 Tools Any IT Manager Needs
For those particularly chafed by the title ‘IT Manager,’ think of it more as ‘technology manager.’ These ten pieces of software, websites or apps can be invaluable for any team that works with technology, whether you’re in desktop support or a service desk for a large AV integration firm. This list encompasses everything from remote management, inventory control (I see you, rental/staging friends), ticketing systems, time trackers and desktop PC-*imaging. Take a look at the list, and feel free to add any ‘must-haves’ in the comments below. I’m always on the hunt for a new piece of software/app.
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With Windows 10, Do Laptops Need Touch?-*
One thing I find to be particularly cumbersome and annoying when I’m consulting on AV system design is the ‘absolute necessity’ for touch-screen capability. The only thing that makes it better is when you check in on an system design down the road and find out that 1. no one has ever used the touch screen 2. no one wants to use the touchscreen. Windows 8.1 interface is optimized for touch screen, when paired with a Microsoft Surface it’s quite intuitive and nice, mostly because the surface has the worst built-in keyboard/mouse of all time. Here are a few thoughts on where an executive from Dell sees touch-screen going in the Windows 10 release. Hint: it’s ‘going’ to not be wanted.
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Netflix, Amazon and Hulu No Longer Find Themselves Upstarts in Online Streaming
Once simultaneously the glowing underdogs and the face of the cord-cutting-kill-cable-at-all-costs movement, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are now major players in content delivery. -*The media services-*now find themselves on the defensive against- get this- HBO, ABC, CBS, ESPN and other traditional content providers, the very group they were once the underdog in the fight against. Each of the three services have a differing view for what this trend means for their business. This is a pretty in-depth piece, but very well written and chocked full of good information on the recent paradigm shift.
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Trouble with HDCP: Q&A with Aurora Multimedia’s Paul Harris
HDCP for years caused system designers trouble- making sure it was enabled to perform handshaking on very connection point in an audiovisual installation. Today it seems almost second nature, just about every device available on the market that does video switching and distribution has some sort of support for HDCP and there are enough devices to choose from that designers aren’t pigeonholed. That being said, everything we know about HDCP is-*changing in the HDCP 2.x version which is not continuation of HDCPv1 but rather a completely different link protection (according to this document-*). Nermina Miller chatted with Paul Harris, CEO of Aurora Multimedia about all things 4k, including HDCP.
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The Company of the Future: 5 Keys for Transformation
A lot of words have been written about ‘millennials in the workplace’ or ‘the workplace of the future,’ and justifiably so. It doesn’t signal that millennials are evil and changing everything, it only signals “business as usual” is an antiquated and dying company strategy. This article centers around the acceleration of technological change brought about by changing office environments. The technological challenges certainly weren’t as prevalent in the ‘mad-men’ days when everyone had a phone a typewriter and one or two conference rooms and it’s steadily and aggresively increased since then. What will ‘the company-*of the future’ mean for technology managers, AV-*system designers and videoconferencing providers moving forward?
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