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NSCA Comes to San Francisco

What,Aeos more important to an integration firm in today,Aeos climate ,Aei business or technology? Can they be mutually exclusive or are they both a requirement to find success? On April 27th and 28th, the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) will hope to answer these questions while still providing attendees the ability to choose for themselves at its Integration Business Survival Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Showing up in the technological capital of the world – a place where AV is a booming industry – the NSCA is bringing together sponsors, speakers and integrators to discuss the concerns of the day like employee training, eliminating scope creep, and even getting into the daily details of project planning and documentation. while still offering training and hands-on experience with new products.
To many, this might just be another event immediately preceding one of the busiest times of the year for the industry. However, when is there a better time to be prepared to face the challenges than just before your leadership team carries the company into the fray that is the summer season in AV?
In speaking with NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson over the last year, he has made it abundantly clear that -*goal is to put itself in a position to help and advise the integrator community. Wilson wants to create partnerships and relationships that allow mentoring and advisory roles to develop and help companies flourish.
While NSCA is known for putting together fantastic events that coach leadership and business practices, what makes this particular event a little more unique is the technology component added to the mix. As opposed to its Business & Leadership Conference, this Integration Business Survival Conference allows attendees to choose where they want to focus their attention. Do they want to focus their efforts on better ways to budget and price projects for improved profits? Perhaps there is a desire to improve the IT skillset, as we hear so many in the industry saying is a necessity at this point in time? This event will give them the opportunity to choose where they want to focus their attention ,Aei or send more than one individual and ensure that all courses are covered!
It,Aeos hard to get out of the office or field for even a few days. No one wants their best engineers, project managers, salespeople, or technicians off the jobsites, but these kinds of events will not only educate on best practices, certification opportunities, and new ways of thinking about the industry – they are also known to inspire and drive thoughtful work habits.
With InfoComm taking place in Orlando, FL this year, perhaps the Bay Area integrator community can look a little closer to home to see some of the newest technology and keep engaged with one another and the NSCA about where the industry is going. It might not be the full gamut of education seen at the largest commercial AV event in the United States, but it is in the heart of Silicon Valley – and the weather is outstanding.

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