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The Friday Five: April 10, 2015

10 reasons why the new MacBook isn’t for you
I’m writing this on my MacBook Pro while my iPad sits a few feet away and listening to music from my iPhone. Needless to say I’m familiar with, and a fan of, Apple technology. Even I can’t see the enduring value in the new MacBook. Sure, it’ll be great in four years when everything catches up (just in time to change again) but right now it is a dumpster fire for the pro AV world, in terms of using it and integrating it. This post is a curated post of other sites’ reviews of the latest MacBook.
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Geek out on One High School’s Extensive STEM Lab
This tweet caused me to pry a little further, resulting in me ending up reading this article.

Lo and behold, the STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is the home of the BACON Club. I know exactly what you’re saying as your mouth fills with saliva, but rather than deliciously cured pork, BACON stands for Best All Around Club of Nerds (More like BAACON, am I right?). Two things in this article: first there is a ton of cool technology involved in this lab; second, and arguably far more important, is these types of facilities and their emphasis on STEM have the potential to finally answer the question, “Where will the next generation of AV professionals come from?” Whether it’s in middle school, high school or post-high school institutions like Madison Media, the emphasis on STEM can greatly benefit the AV and IT Industries in the long run.
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LG Display outs iMac with ‘Super high-res’ 8k Screen.
Mother. Of. God. As if we, as an industry, don’t have enough problems with 4K already (or even 2k if we’re being honest), LG has jumped the shark with an 8k display. Now, bright minds like Mark Coxon, would be quick to point out that if we can’t handle 4k, why bother with 8k? But LG has a reason. According to a recent blog post by the display manufacturer, this is in preparation for the iMac 8k. Only problem is Apple has yet to announce an 8k version of the iMac, and their shroud of secrecy isn’t likely to confirm or deny this until their own product announcement. If the iMac 8k is anything like the new MacBook pro, I’m sure it’s ready to cause all sorts of headaches for AV manufacturers and designers,
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Why You Should Care About VP9, Google’s Clever Video Codec-*
Now that I work for a video company which delivers video over IP and video over USB connections, I know way more about codecs than I care too. Now that streaming media is becoming more and more prevalent, the importance of video codecs is increasing. Last week, there was an article about ‘Perseus,’ a codec which can stream 3 4K signals over standard broadband. Now Google takes their turn. Anyone who has ever watched a YouTube video knows the struggle of the ad buffering fine, but the video taking forever to load. Well, it probably won’t solve that, but their new video codec, VP9, aims to slash the bandwidth needed to transmit videos over networks. I, for one, welcome a world in which I can watch more cat videos, faster, on unstable cellular connections.
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How to Overcome Burnout-*and Stay Motivated
Fortunately, we all work in an industry where client constraints and other considerations are never a factor and we are all always happy. Realistically, we aren’t. Getting together highly detailed, in depth, projects and designs over and over again can cause even the most passionate people to face the fear of succumbing to burnout. This is a pretty good list of simple-to-do items that can help you recharge and avoid constantly being run down. I’ll be honest, I struggle with it often, even after switching companies. Perhaps, like me, you could benefit from this list and bring a renewed sense of energy and efficiency to your workplace.
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