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The Friday Five: April 17, 2015

Vizio’s latest 4K TVs start at $600
Sure, there are lots of questions surrounding the adoption of 4K, and rightfully so; but that hasn’t stopped the Irvine, California based display manufacturer from drastically reducing the cost of 4K displays to a fraction of previous models. For roughly the same amount as a 46″ 1080p display from last year, you can now own a 43″ 4K display from Vizio. Now, whether or not now is the time to buy these devices, with questions swirling about HDCP 2.2 adoption and whether or not you can get 4K content to-*the display. Regardless, one of the major objections to 4K from just a handful of months ago (price) is seemingly becoming less and less of a factor.
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The Ins and Outs of Networked Audio and How it’s Changing the Industry
With a handful of audio (and video) signal transmissions in the marketplace –*CobraNet and Ethersound, AVB, Dante et al., more and more signal pathways are-*being moved into the networked domain. As with-*hopefully-*every AV-*system design and integration, the applications are determining whether or not networked audio is necessary for the-*design. But one thing is for certain, we’ve come a long, long way from CobraNet and the first networked-based transmission protocols.
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Does Your Whole Home Need Antivirus Now? -*
Now that your coffee maker talks to the-*-*light switch in your bedroom to know it needs-*to start brewing as soon as you wake up (it might, you never know), it’s safe to say we’re on the forefront of every device having a network connection. What does that mean for the security of your home network? It means there are many more points of vulnerability through which someone could gain access to your network, your devices and ultimately your personal information. Bitdefender Box is a company that is dedicated to keep your devices safe from intrusion. According to the article it has a ways to go, but as more and more people use consumer grade residential devices to automate their lives, products like Box become more and more important.
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Ceiling Mics: Working 50% of the Time 50% of the Time.-*
Beyond a snazzy title, there’s truth to this article written by Joey D’Angelo of Charles Salter Associates; ceiling mics are great when they work and downright frustrating when they don’t work. Unfortunately, they seem to be the least stable installed microphone option available both in terms of reliability and quality. D’Angelo takes a look at your other microphone options for boardrooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces.
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Keeping Live Events Live With Video-*
The latest video revolution is streaming. Whether it’s companies like Apple live streaming product announcement events to the masses, a company streaming its shareholders meeting to those who couldn’t be in attendance or micro-streaming services such as Periscope and Meerkat, there’s no denying that streaming video is only going to become more and more prevalent in the pro AV-*marketplace. There’s plenty of manufacturers making products right now capable of bringing professional grade streams to your organization at affordable price –*Haivision, Vaddio, SVSi and the list goes on and on. Streaming video has the ability to be a huge market for AV integrators, and a huge benefit to their customers.
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