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The Friday Five: May 1, 2015

CinemaCon: Barco Inks Five-Year, Multi-Title Deal With Fox to Release Films for Cinerama-like Escape

Fox studios will be working with its filmmakers to produce new projects for the Barco Escape format. Escape puts images on screens in the front and on each of the side walls in a auditorium for panoramic display. It was roughly a year ago that Barco released the Escape platform to theater owners at Cinema Con. I for one welcome the additional screens, this is just the attention grabbing modification this ADHD movie-goer has been needing for some time. Now, if they could just get the popcorn prices down.

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Logitech moves away from computer mouse, looks to wireless

Gadget maker Logitech (actually the first three words of the article) is shifting their focus as their quarterly operating profit fell 34% on among other things “shrinking demand for accessories like the computer mouse on which it built its global brand.” Instead of more keyboards and computer mice, the electronics giant is looking towards wireless music speakers, videoconferencing and video game controllers to offset PC peripheral decline. As an engineer for a company Logitech indirectly competes with (drastically different price and quality points) it will be interesting to see them -*shift from peripheral and edge devices to devices that take center stage in a conference and huddle space.

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Google rolls out new U.S. wireless service

After already making strides to up-end internet service providers through their Google Fiber service, not to mention mobile phone manufacturers through Project Ara their modular cell phone division, Google recently launched a U.S. only (for now) wireless service which will automatically alternate between free Wi-Fi spots and cellular networks hosted by Sprint Corp and T-Mobile. This service will be available on-*surprise-*Google’s Nexus 6. At the low cost of $20/month plus $10 GB of data used, Customers will benefit greatly over traditionally priced wireless service. -*Also included in this article is the Google product announcement video for your viewing pleasure.

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USB Type-C: The AV Industry Unifier

This would be the best written headline if it had a question mark at the end. Nermina Miller, with Infocomm, shares details on USB Type-C connector, the connector chosen by noted connector fashion trendsetter Apple (please note this is sarcasm as I don’t use Thunderbolt or Firewire 800 on anything) as the sole connector for their upcoming MacBook collection of computers. This super-connector has the ability to transmit USB 3.1 data, USB Power delivery and Display Port A/V all over one cable, according to one rather neat looking diagram contained in this article. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourselves.

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Adios Spartan. Hello Microsoft Edge Browser

-*Finally, after what seems like an eternity of a project code named ‘Sparta’ Microsoft unveiled the name for their new internet browsing platform for Windows 10- Edge. While the name leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion, the browser itself looks pretty sleek; or at least a lot sleeker than its predecessor ‘Internet Explorer’ which could best be described as the application your parents use and you use to download Chrome or Firefox. Billed as blurring the ‘Edge’ between consumption and creation the new browsing platform appears to have some sweet features for touch enabled devices. We’ll see how it plays out in the marketplace, but with Google chrome being one of the most resource intensive programs I run on a daily basis on my PC or my Mac, hopefully Edge will offer the same speed and reliability as Chrome or Firefox, but do it in a less resource intensive manner

Read More and Watch the Video at Cnet.-*

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