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The Friday Five: May 8, 2015

Cedia Business Xchange: Learning to Be You, Only Better
Heather Sidorowicz, a favorite among AVNation, recently attended the CEDIA-*Business Xchange, a management conference for CEDIA members. CEDIA is the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association, the professional association that primarily serves the residential market. Sidorowicz notes her findings of the conference, some of the highlighted speakers and most importantly talks about being yourself, just a better version of yourself, “The goal now is to take those lessons and turn them into actions, and we are better armed to move forward.”
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Three Pitfalls of Ineffective Selling
Tom Stimson of the Stimson Group has written some salient posts in the last few weeks, including a home run piece on the conversation surrounding shrinking margins and the shifting sands of selling AV, shared-*in The Friday Five for April 3rd. Stimson starts out by noting the three most common symptoms of ineffective selling – customers buying on price, quoting drills and not closing deals. I’m sure none of that can contribute to the conversation on shrinking margins in the AV industry. Stimson goes on to discuss Thinking Questions, Connective Listening and Value-based Examples as ways for sales professionals to overcome missed sales.
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How Drones are the Future of AV
Every day there is new news in the world of AV, consumer electronics and broadcast about the use of, adoption of, proliferation of and ubiquity of drones. So much so, in fact, that both NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) featured and InfoComm will feature the technology in their own pavilions on the trade show floors in 2015. Outside of video production and broadcast, primarily served by the NAB Show, there are many applications-*for the technology. With drones making more and more of a splash, Systems Contractor News staff decided to hold a panel on drone-*adoption within the AV industry. Kelleigh Welch of SCN recaps the panel which was moderated by Kirsten Nelson, SCN’s Editor-at-Large.
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Desktops aren’t dead: HP adds new towers for back-to-school
I’m guilty of having written articles, posting articles, tweeting articles, so on and so forth about the death of the traditional PC. Why Not? Now you can get a mostly functional PC that’s roughly the size of a package of gum. Though BYOD is the latest craze, I still see in my travels for-*work, and in the review of AV Systems drawings, there’s no replacing the incredibly large, loud and powerful rack mounted computer in AV installations. In fact, for the 2015 back-to-school season HP is offering three new tower desktops built around a similar mid-tower desktop shape in addition to their line of all-in-one PCs. (Side note: I have one of their all-in-one PCs, they’re not too bad.) Bringing back a smaller footprint, powerful, tower PC-*is certainly not a sexy solution, or at least not as sexy as plugging in a pocket PC-*to your display, but for someone like me it could be the perfect device to hide behind some books on a shelf and run as a connected device to my TV or as a media server. Kudos, HP.
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The IoT: Where are we and where is it going?-*
Not too long ago appliance manufacturers made appliances. Want a washer and dryer? Sure, we’ve got those. Now appliance manufacturers make appliances that connect to the internet for some reason. Want to tweet from your new microwave? Sure, the Internet of Things phenomenon is to thank for this. Certainly twitter is a fringe use-case for an otherwise useful technology, but there’s no denying the impact IoT is having from an economic and market shift standpoint, not just in the home appliance shift but even in global production. While IoT is very much still in infancy phase, it is only going to become bigger, more prevalent and, as a result, more powerful. I, for one, look forward to my golf clubs tweeting my yardage every time I swing in five years.
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