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The Friday Five: May 15, 2015

Get ready to wait in line for IPv4 addresses
After hearing about it endlessly, critical mass has finally been reached with regards to IPv4 addressing. Those meeting the requirements for IPv4 addressing will be turned away due to limited available IP addresses currently, according to ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. According to the article approximately 50% of IPv4 registrants already have IPv6 registrations as well. To put that in perspective, approximately 5% of people who access Google are doing so from an IPv6 device.
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What is 802.11ax WiFi, and will it really deliver 10Gbps
This is what I’m talking about! As an avid interneter, at home, I’m all about increasing the speeds I have available on my wireless network. Currently my wired infrastructure has a one gig backplane but I’m rocking a somewhat-*slow 300mbps connection on the wireless. Meaning, the time it takes to move 60-100 gb of movie files from my computer to my NAS can be drastically different based on whether or not I can connect via hardwire. But, hello to 802.11ax WiFi and it’s ability to offer blazingly fast speeds. If I start saving now, I’ll hopefully be able to afford a new router in a year or two.
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Remote working: Three sticking points managers need to get over-*
There’s equal parts acceptance and resistance within the tech community about working remotely. Some companies do it very well, with a large percentage of it’s workforce operating in remote locations. Other companies have recently ended the ability to work remotely for their employees. I can certainly see the value in having everyone physically together, to get on the same page, but I think the benefits to allowing remote working far exceed the benefits of requiring everyone to come into the office. This piece takes a look at three common concerns managers might have over allowing their teams to work remote.
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Camping out on the bridge- Is HDBaseT here to stay?
This article is written by an active member of the #avtweeps community, Leonard Suskin, and is a follow up piece to his appearance on an AV Power Up podcast. It’s a well thought out, in-depth, piece on the five-play transmission technology HDBaseT, and as the title suggests whether or not it will be prevalent far into the future. Suskin examines it now and down the road contrasting it with IP-based transmission. Suskin notes IP-based transmission is the future of the audiovisual industry, something that I certainly agree with, but as he points out that doesn’t necessarily mean HDBaseT will go away any time soon.
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Countdown to InfoComm | Thrown to the Wolves
With 32 days left until InfoComm, the super bowl of audiovisual shows in America, AV Network has already started ramping up their coverage of the mega trade show held at the Orange County Convention Center in muggy Orlando, FL this year. This piece centers around some useful, insightful and also pretty fun tips for surviving your trip to InfoComm. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the trade show (as is one of the authors – Kelly Perkins) or if you’ve only been to one (as is the case with the other author Ashton McGinnis), these tips and tricks will help make your InfoComm experience worthwhile and manageable. As always, stay tuned here as AVNation will be providing coverage of the show.
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