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The Friday Five: May 22, 2015

Have You Started Writing Your Prospect Letters?-*
A.B.C. – Always Be Closing is a fantastic idea for sales professionals, brought to us by Glengarry Glen Ross, but where does that begin? With prospecting. “Prospecting Prevents Poverty,” as the sign above a local integrator’s desk reads. Dave Labuskes, the executive director and CEO of InfoComm International, offers a sample prospect letter that can be used to highlight the way an integration firm fits in with the InfoComm APEx program. Whether or not your organization meets the APEx standards, and I hope it does, never give up on prospecting.
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Classroom Standards: The Good, Bad and Ugly
Good Friend of the Program (GFOP), Greg Brown offers his thoughts on the InfoComm All Voices blog about the good, the bad and the ugly of classroom infrastructure standards; based on the recent publication of the AV/IT Infrastructure Guidelines for Higher Education. Brown, a technology manager for UCLA, offers some insight on how to develop your set of design standards as a university or education institution. This is the first of a multiple-part series on exploring standards for classroom system design in higher education
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12 Tips for More Effective Meeting Management
Here’s an article from a local branding and advertising agency which can offer a lot of helpful tips for audiovisual professionals. I’m sure nobody-*has ever sat through an unruly or unnecessary meeting (this statement is said with tongue firmly planted in cheek). I’m normally not one to copy and paste quotes from articles, but this is so important I wanted to underscore it

In fact, software company Atlanssian put together an eye-opening infographic-*claiming, on average, 50% of all meetings are considered time wasted, which is about 31 hours per month for each employee. This adds up to cost ,Aeu$37 billion [in]salary cost of unnecessary meetings for U.S. businesses.,Aeu Wow. That,Aeos a lot of time and money wasted.

Lizzy Henry offers some common causes of ineffective meetings as well as some easy to implement tips to make meetings more effective.
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Marketing for the Integration Firm: It Ain’t What it Used to Be
Tom LeBlanc writes an incredible article on the growing importance of, and scope for, marketing professionals within AV Integration firms. Want to bring in vendor money by hosting a mini road/trade show? That’s the role of a marketing professional. Need to extend your reach by advertising with a chamber of commerce? That’s a marketing professional. Over the last few years, integration firms have started to see the importance in having in-house marketing instead of outsourcing to a local brand/advertising agency. From social media to print advertising, organizing impactful gatherings to connect customers and-*sales people, marketing professionals increase their value for integration firms exponentially.
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Is the end of one of the major technology paradigms near?-*
B2B, B2C, C2C. These three character abbreviations stand for Business to Business, Business to Customer and Customer to Customer, representing three very different models of business. The clickbaitesque headline is calling to attention whether or not the Business to Business paradigm might be drawing to a close, or taking a much less important place in our culture than before. With the rise in eCommerce, and consumer to consumer sales, does this mean companies banking long-term on Business to Business sales are doomed? Alexander Atzberger, President of Ariba, talks about the rise in eCommerce and the potential corresponding decline in Business to Business sales.
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Enjoy your long weekend.

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