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The Friday Five: May 29, 2015

<strong><a href=”http://www.avnetwork.com/entry/infocomm-here-we-come–pro-tips/896″ target=”_blank”>AVB Proves Its Coming of Age at Time Sensitive Networking Conference</a></strong>
SCN Editor Lindsey Adler recently attended the AVnu Alliance’s debut conference on Time Sensitive Networking and Applications (TSNA) (<a href=”http:https://archives.avnation.tv/blog/redband_collective/avb-is-dead/” target=”_blank”>as did AVNation’s Josh Srago</a>). Adler talks about AVnu’s AVB sort of re-branding their work group as TSN, with the-*biggest goals of the conference being to cultivate a community-*and-*engage with volunteers working on the standards. The AVnu Alliance certainly has their work cut out for them to create-*a consistent and targeted message, according to Adler. It will be interesting to see what’s next for the Avnu Alliance, that’s for sure.
<a href=”http://www.avnetwork.com/features/0014/avb-proves-its-coming-of-age-at-time-sensitive-networking-conference/95256″ target=”_blank”>Read More at AVNetwork</a>
<a href=”http://gizmodo.com/ikeas-working-on-a-super-cheap-and-versatile-smart-home-1707301488?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_twitter&amp;utm_source=gizmodo_twitter&amp;utm_medium=socialflow” target=”_blank”><strong>IKEA’s Building a Super Cheap and Versatile Smart Home System</strong></a>
The Swedish furniture and home goods giant IKEA has set their sites on bringing their modern, cost-effective mentality to the smart home system. IKEA is aiming to allow buyers to “personalize their homes and create a sense of safety and well being.”-* One benefit of being a product from IKEA is that these devices will likely be less expensive than their competitors; hopefully they won’t be as difficult to use as their flat-packed furniture is to assemble, otherwise I am throwing them out the window.
<a href=”http://gizmodo.com/ikeas-working-on-a-super-cheap-and-versatile-smart-home-1707301488?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_twitter&amp;utm_source=gizmodo_twitter&amp;utm_medium=socialflow” target=”_blank”>Read More at Gizmodo</a>
<a href=”http://www.broadcastbeat.com/director-broadcast-engineer/” target=”_blank”><strong>The New IT Director Versus the Old #Broadcast Engineer</strong></a>
First, let me stop you before you even ask – no, I do not know why it is #Broadcast in a blog article, but I guess we can all just be trendy, can’t we? This article points at the longtime coming convergence between AV and IT. Obviously the technology is ahead of the organization, for the most part. There are many products in the marketplace that operate on the network or use the network as the transmission infrastructure. One thing that many companies are starting to do is align the audiovisual support staff with the-*in-house design and installation members under the offices of information technology. Many colleges, for instance, will align AV under the library or media center. What does it mean for AV professionals who have been in the game, or departments, for a while when they now report to the IT manager?
Companion Piece: <a href=”http://www.infocomm.org/cps/rde/xchg/infocomm/hs.xsl/41900.htm” target=”_blank”><strong>What CIOs Should Know About AV (and Vice Versa) </strong></a>By Tim Kridel at InfoComm.org
<a href=”http://www.broadcastbeat.com/director-broadcast-engineer/” target=”_blank”>Read More at Broadcast Beat</a>
<a href=”http://www.cnet.com/news/lost-explorers-the-unrealized-vision-of-google-glass/” target=”_blank”><strong>Lost Explorers: The unrealized vision of Google Glass</strong></a>
This article holds a special place in my heart, since its title is a pun, but that’s not why I’ve included this article. Several years ago I remember being at InfoComm and seeing Google Glass in the wild for the first time. At the time (and still today) I found them to be the ultimate expression of technology for the sake of technology, and utterly useless. This has certainly been the knock, and rightfully so, for many wearable devices. Thankfully, Google paused the Glass project in January, ending production on the prototype and ensuring I wouldn’t have to have another person explain to me all I was missing by not wearing a computer on my face. Will Google reinvent Glass? Will it become sleeker and less pretentious looking? Only time will tell. I’d just settle for it being usable or necessary.
<a href=”http://www.cnet.com/news/lost-explorers-the-unrealized-vision-of-google-glass/” target=”_blank”>Read More at cnet</a>
<a href=”http://www.avnetwork.com/entry/infocomm-here-we-come–pro-tips/896″ target=”_blank”><strong>InfoComm Here We Come | Pro Tips</strong></a>
Fellow SCN Blogger, Christopher Maione, stops by to offer his thoughts on InfoComm 2015, coming from [certainly rainy]Orlando, FL. Maione, like most bloggers/opiners this time of year, is-*offering his-*thoughts on how to get the most out of InfoComm. <a href=”http:https://archives.avnation.tv/blog/tff/the-friday-five-may-15-2015/” target=”_blank”>Last Week</a>, Kelly Perkins and Ashton McGinnis, from AVI Systems (Minneapolis, MN-based integration firm) <a href=”http://www.avnetwork.com/entry/countdown-to-infocomm–thrown-to-the-wolves/893″ target=”_blank”>offered their suggestions for first time attendees</a>. Maione hits the nail on the head with important tips like take a class, visit booths that have coffee/water/happy hours, follow industry insiders and hashtags, go to the parties and a host of other excellent suggestions. Another tip: Stop by the <a href=”http://www.eventbrite.com/e/avnations-avtweeps-avtweetup-at-infocomm15-tickets-16564214010″ target=”_blank”>AVNation #avtweeps #avtweetup </a>where you can meet industry insiders over a beer and some delicious appetizers. I’ll have more (for SCN) on my suggestions/tips for InfoComm prior to the show, I’m sure.
<a href=”http://www.avnetwork.com/entry/infocomm-here-we-come–pro-tips/896″ target=”_blank”>Read More at AVNetwork</a>

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