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Google Brillo

On this week’s episode of AVWeek, we talked about the latest offering from Google, Brillo. It’s Google’s streamlined home OS. In addition there is Weave, the “cross-platform common language’ that makes it possible for Birllo to talk among the cloud, phones/tablets, and IoT devices. Here’s why it matters.
Google and the Internet of Things
Google has come back to the IoT environment after purchasing Nest and some missteps with their smoke alarm device. Having a company with the size and resources of Google in any space will make that space more exciting, competitive, and it will advance the space. This is especially true in the Internet of Things arena. Google has said more than once that the more you use the Internet the better it is for Google. This explains their purchase of YouTube, Blogger, and their development of web-based apps such as their mail service. It also explains their interest in IoT. The more you use IoT devices the better it is for their business model. Yes, they will be tracking you and selling that general information to potential advertisers. It is the price you pay for getting YouTube and free email. The question is, are you at ease with Google, or any company, knowing that much about your home activities?
Next Gen Home Automation
I almost made this exclusively home automation. The more home technology advances the more it will wind up in a board room, or huddle space, some where. As the IoT ecosystem evolves there will be more control and automation choices out there. These will become more sophisticated and will lend themselves to being incorporated into our home and work spaces. As a system learns our likes and habits these preferences will be seamlessly transferred via the cloud to our office IoT devices without us thinking about it. Again, the question is whether you are comfortable with this level of autonomous control.
Cross-Platform Language
In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy there is a creature called a Babelfish. It is a small fish you place in your ear that translates what is being said in various languages into your own native tongue. That is the promise of Weave. This may very well give programmers like my company the ability to talk to various control systems through one main portal. This is a huge step forward. Imagine a campus or company who is migrating from one control company to another. It has been incredibly expensive as you need to replace all your existing control processors from one company to the new standard. If Weave proves successful then it could mean a huge cost savings for companies in this position. However, Weave is awfully close to another Google produce, Wave, and that one didn’t end so well.
Google stepping back into this space is very exciting for those of us in the control and automation space. We should watch with a cautious, but optimistic, eye on the developments of both Brillo and Weave.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

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