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Original post appeared at avshout.com-*- this has been edited for content.
Infocomm 2014 started months ago for me and the group of bloggers that write for REDBAND (Now part of AVNation). While working on ideas for the show to make it more fun and interactive for the attendees we came up with the AVSelfie idea.
Those not familiar with what a ,Aeuselfie,Aeu is should know that it,Aeos simply a picture taken ,AeuBy you-Of you,Aeu using a mobile phone. The premise of an AV Selfie is the same. Infocomm attendees and manufactures simply take ,Aeuselfies,Aeu of themselves while at the show. -*Here are some ideas for your #AVselfie:

  • Take pictures while visiting booths
  • Take an #AVselfie with your favorite new product, Product Rep. or Coworkers.
  • Manufacturers can take the #AVselfie in front of their Logo, booth or products
  • Take #AVselfie of your journey to Infocomm from the Airport to the show floor.
  • Take an #AVselfie at parties and events. Show what others are missing out on.

Once you have the picture taken post it to twitter, google+ and Instagram using the Hashtag: #AVselfie. We will find it using the hashtag and repost the pics on the…AVNation website and/or retweet the pics for #AVtweeps and others to see. Your pics will help fuel the buzz about the InfoComm show, the companies, events and the products you see. The #avselfie will also help the social side of our industry and all the great people involved.
So have fun with your #AVselfie pics and be creative. Your #AVselfie will show how Infocomm extends beyond the show floor and the technology. It will also be a great way to show you, your company and products at ,AeuThe,Aeu AV technology Show.
Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at the show.

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