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Harman goes IP with SVSi

HarmanThe rumors of a new company falling under the Harman International umbrella began circulating around the AV industry on Thursday, June 11th. AV professionals that managed to get the hint that something was going on for another big InfoComm show announcement from one of the most well know companies in AV started to speculate just what would the group need to add to their already wide spread product offering.
If you look at the existing professional AV companies that make up Harman International, there are manufactures of audio processors, speakers, amplifiers, audio consoles, lighting, and with the AMX acquisition last year there was also video switching and distribution as well as control. Where were the holes in the lineup that needed to be filled?
Would they be adding a rack/hardware manufacturer? Could it be a new audio product to push one of their existing brands to the next level? Perhaps they decided to add network switches to support their efforts with the breadth of signal topologies they support (AVB, Dante, AES67, and control signals). In the end it wasn,Aeot actually Harman itself that was making the purchase, but instead it was their most well known acquisition in the AV industry AMX that was going to be making the purchase of SVSi ,Aei a provider of video over IP solutions.
According to Shaun Robinson, product manager for Harman International, AMX and SVSi have been in talks about this move since ISE 2014. AMX had been looking to bring SVSi into the fold because of the great technology and great people that would help them to fill out the AMX network media portfolio by providing a series of hardware that was already known, proven, and adopted in the AV industry. This means that while AMX was in the process of being purchased, they were still working out the details of adding the SVSi product offerings to their line-up.
The first area that this opens up to the AMX family is they now have a video wall processing solution offering for their customers, but that is far from the end of the discussion about where the SVSi products can lead AMX.
While AMX supports an HDBaseT solution with their DXLink products, this now gives them an offering that many of the other HDBaseT providers cannot match with a true IP solution. When Alexander was asked about the support of such a widespread group of protocols, he emphasized the importance of how Harman wants to offer the customers the option to choose which they want to use, not force them to select only one option for moving signals between devices. It,Aeos all about selecting the right signal transport for the application.
IMG_2269The key statement from the leadership at SVSi was that this purchase ,Aeulends credence to what we,Aeove been doing the last few years,,Aeu showing that they were ahead of the game when it came to video over IP and that is the direction that many solutions are trying to move. One of the biggest advantages that this offers the SVSi product is an improved international distribution channel, having only opened up their international sales channel in the last two years.
For those integrators worried about how they will purchase the SVSi product, there is not reason to fret just yet because AMX will continue to offer the ability to purchase directly from SVSi as well as the option to purchase from AMX. So if you have either of the sales channels available to you, then it won,Aeot have a problem continuing to purchase.
As it,Aeos now a part of the AMX brand, this also means that the training offerings that SVSi has provided will move into the AMX University, opening up the training to a large portion of the industry that might still be learning about what video over IP options there are and how they can be best implemented for their customers.
Given that AMX is also a control manufacturer, it begged the question of whether or not the SVSi products would start to see a more consistent relationship with their control equipment as opposed to that of their ,Aeu,Aeitron,Aeu competitors, but Alexander again assured that the goal of this purchase isn,Aeot to restrict the product, but rather to keep it open to as many potential customers as they could reach.
By adding a successful and growing organization like SVSi, AMX is positioning themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the video distribution, switching, and control worlds. They may not have been at the forefront of industry minds when it came to the solutions they were offering, but it,Aeos going to be very hard, and potentially very costly, to continue to overlook them.

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