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Fathers Day – AV Dads Wish List

With Father’s day coming this weekend, we thought we’d reach out to some of our AVNation family to see what they are looking for as AV dads!

Christian Samuelson

– Host of ‘The Live Life’ and-*President and Lead Event and Installation Designer at Xrosspoint LLC
samuelson player fatherFor all of the time I spend working, no-*Father‘s-*Day-*gadget is a substitute for spending extra time with my kids.
If I had to choose the perfect gift for the road-weary Dad out there, I’d have to go with the Fiio X5 Lossless music player-*coupled with V Moda M100 Crossfade headphones.
The Fiio X5 is a lossless music player which has a solid feel, easy transport controls and dual SD slots which can each accommodate up to a 128GB card.-* It supports all popular formats, of which I have given up my mini disks for FLAC audio files.
The sound is rich and warm which for the price point clearly define this player as one of the clear leaders in it’s class. -* No portable music player sounds as good as-*it could sound without a proper set of headphones.
samuelson head fatherThe V Moda M100 Crossfade headphones fit the bill perfectly.-* They caught my eye with the industrial styling and are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned.-* They are tuned a bit bass heavy which is perfect for me.-* The mid-range is clearly defined while the highs are distinct and crisp.-* They come with a hard-shell case and fold up with unique heavy-duty hinges that provide a satisfying snap when unfolded.
I researched both of these products thoroughly before I decided to invest in a new playback device for my sound company and a new set of headphones for front of house.-* It was a great justification for a business expense but when the pair aren’t working for me, they are happily coupled together sonically transporting me to my happy place.

Tim Grey

– Host of The DIY show
Mgray- leather- fathery Choice for a-*father‘s-*day-*gift that will be used by him-*day-*in and-*day-*out is the Leatherman Wave.-* -*It’s the one tool that I have with-*me all the time while I play the AV professional at work and at home-*for around the house tasks.
Almost every-*day-*I run into a-*situation where my Leatherman was used inside of the AV rack, from-*breaking zip ties to stripping speaker wire and beyond.-* It really is-*the one tool that I am never without while on the job.

Paul and Rich Marganski

– Hosts of the PICO PROSpectives show
touch jetIs your dad a geek?-* Does he like to share photos and videos of the family?-*Perhaps your-*father-*could use a pico projector.
Two great products-*for dads on-the-go are the Favi J6-LED-PICO and-*the Celluon PicoPro. Both of these amazing pico projectors are priced in the mid-$300 range and-*offer impressive performance.
The J6-LED-PICO offers brighter performance-*and is priced slightly less than the PicoPro from Celluon.-* However, the-*PicoPro offers HD resolution and a laser-based image that never needs-*focusing.-* Besides this, both offer wireless streaming from your mobile-*device, HDMI connectivity, and a number of other great features that will-*allow dad to create an amazing mobile cinema.

Nathan Schneider

– Host of AV Shop Talk podcast

dorcyDorcy Clamp Light Combo Lumens 100
Great for clipping to the back of an equipment rack or in the dark places where AV-*professionals-*often find themselves poking around.

Anthony Zotti

– Host of POE show and Co-host of the DIY show
intel nucFriends, I posit that dads just need more computing power in our lives and I have just the recommendation. I’m talkin’ ’bout Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing).
If you aren’t familiar with Intel’s offering in tiny, high performing machines, you owe it to yourself to do a little research. These little critters make the Mac Mini seem like Goliath to their David. At about 4,Aeu square, approximately 1.5″ deep and with their VESA compatible mounting bracket, they’re perfect to hang off the back of display. Well built and drawing extremely low power consumption, you’ll feel comfortable placing it in a rack or showing it off in your A/V cabinet.
You also get to customize to your liking by choosing what you need for CPU, RAM and storage (mSATA SSD or 2.5,Aeu spinny thing). I recommend the NUC5i5RYH (Core i5 CPU, dual display out, GB NIC and, 4 USB 3.0 ports) paired with 8-16GBs of RAM and a decent mSATA drive for screaming performance. Just don’t forget to add a clover style power cable to plug into the transformer (Intel cheaped out on that one).
I run a headless Ubuntu 14.04 server with 8GB RAM on the fourth generation model and it’s down right peppy, booting in mere seconds. If you’re the masochist type, you can even run Windows on one! Whether building a media player (Plex client or XBMC, all others are toys), running your own DNS, mail or DHCP server, or playing with VMs in your own home lab, the NUC is the gift you should ask for this-*Father‘s-*Day. I know I am.”

Michael Shinn

– Operations Manager, System integration at IMS Technology Services
shinn sennheiserMy recommendation would be the Sennheiser PC 35 USB Headset.-* The headset is a high quality, high-performing microphone and over-the-ear headphone pair ideal for web conferencing, PC telephony and streaming from the desktop.
Whether dad is a C-level executive or just looking to keep in touch with the grandkids over Skype, this headset is easy to use and even easier to configure.
The nice part about the design is that there is a unique controller located about 2.5,Aeo down the cable, just out of webcam view, that allows for local mic mute and volume control right on the headset itself.-* A great-*Father,Aeos-*Day-*present for the working dad looking to close that deal online or for the retired dad that just wants to stay in touch.

George Tucker

–*AVNation Producer
usb typewriterI have this thing for tactile interfaces. My love of weighted knobs is well known, add a detent to it and my heart will soar to heights.
Most of my work now involves friction-less touchscreens. -*From mixer-*interfaces to switcher and lighting controls, all work via my tablet. While these tools allow for control of a show from any location in the house, they lack soul. Until we can implement haptic feedback, control via mobile device or-*tablet is a pale replacement.
Writing is also a very physical experience. The act itself – to write – is about creating a world by putting pencil to paper. Using a keyboard is one option but modern keyboards provide limited feedback (unless you are lucky enough to have a Model M keyboard).
My dream tech related Father,Aeos day gift is the Model A USB typewriter from the folks at USB typewriter. -*The Model A combines the keystroke action and return of the famous travel typewriter with the modern edit capabilities of your favorite tablet.
With this device one can envision writing side by side with Hemingway, or Hunter S. Thompson. -*Give Dad a physical experience that will provide inspiration (and strengthen digits).
Photo credit Jack Zylkin-*http://www.usbtypewriter.com/

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