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The Friday Five: July 10, 2015

Smart Working: Am I working right now?
There is a lot of chatter in the industry about the workplace of the future. It mostly centers around how awesome the technology is (fact: it is awesome). One thing that is overlooked in the rampant quest for the workplace of the future is changing the thinking inside the workplace of today. Before this future workplace can be fully adopted, the mindset of today must be mostly abolished. David Danto writes about how work is “what you do, not where you go.” Should every employee work remote? No. Should more employers allow remote/non-traditional workers? How much of the industry is impacted by the rigid 9-to-5 brick & mortar connotations of ‘going to work?’
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9 Idiotic Office Rules That Drive Everyone Insane
If you’re not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work from home, or you’re a business leader/owner who prefers face-to-face business instead of a horde of remote workers, here are nine office behaviors that drive everyone bonkers. Many of them are old and antiquated (not allowing personal usage of the internet), while some of them directly speak to the company culture (requirements for attendance, little leave/time off). These are definitely factors to consider when job-hunting and perhaps factors to consider when evaluating your current workplace happiness. I won’t spoil the entire list for you, you’ll have to read it for yourself.
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Abandoned Golf Courses are Being Transformed into Solar Farms
Go ahead and cruise right past the first sentence, here, folks. No hating on golf courses from me. As a frequent patron of local golf-courses I will not speak ill of them. However, there is a fine point – when golf courses close, whether due to lack of funds for a municipal course or bankruptcy for a private course, how can they be re-purposed for good? Enter Japan energy giant Kyocera, who broke ground last week on a 23-megawatt solar farm to be installed on an abandoned golf course. This one isn’t necessarily about the AV Industry, but it was really cool and science-y, so I shared it.
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Google Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ brings new larger prism, Intl Atom CPU, optional external battery pack
First of all, who in their right mind is really clamoring for an optional external battery pack for their AR eyeglasses? There was no one happier than I when Google pulled the plug on their first iteration of Google Glass, but glassholes throughout the world have a second iteration to get excited about. Besides being labeled as dorks, dweebs and douches, the wearers of the new Enterprise Edition will be able to feel smug and superior while also enjoying a higher horsepower CPU and a larger prism. I weep for the future of this planet if Google Glass is successful.
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The Internet is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out
Well, we’ve pretty much hit critical mass for IPv4 and it’s time to welcome our IPv6 overlords. ARIN,-*the American Registry for Internet Numbers, the organization that-*assigns IP address in North America is just about out of IPv4 address to assign according to a recent tweet they sent out, as quoted in the article. Currently only 21% of U.S. internet traffic comes through IPv6, which is the highest rate of any country in the world. The times they are a changing.
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