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Bringing People to the Smart Home

Smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been at the forefront of many conversations and articles for quite some time, but getting the every-person-*to understand exactly how it all works and benefits of what the products can bring to people is the difficult part. While Lowe,Aeos, Home Depot, and even the Apple store are offering their smart home products, demonstrating exactly how they work in a comprehensive way is still the challenge for the majority of people.
Photo Jul 25, 4 13 42 PMEnter the Target Open House live demonstration environment. Walking into this showroom gives you two pathways to take; one being an example of how the products operate in the home, and the other a user test area. Target deserves a great deal of credit for presenting the concept of the connected home in this way. By putting the potential customer in a familiar-*environment, be it living room, bedroom, nursery or even garage, and then showing them how each of their devices would operate upon arriving at home or leaving for the night, Target has made it simple to understand how the system will operate when the products start finding their way into the home environment.
More than just placing them in an environment that they can compare to their own homes, though, they also have each device connected to a network with a tablet and app set up so that the customers can each experience how the device will be controlled once they get it home.
Photo Jul 25, 4 13 57 PMThe best way to get people to start feeling comfortable with, and then adopting, any new form of technology is to give them a safe place to experience it. This set up allows for that. There is no download on their own personal device until after the purchase. There is a real world experience, along with a sales force that appears educated in the products that they are selling, and that makes all the difference in getting the tech out of the stores and into the homes.
Below you,Aeoll find a video example of how they present the living room environment, with a completely opaque wall being projected on to as each device is highlighted and how it would be used.

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