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The Friday Five- July 31, 2015

Senate Bill Seeks Standards for Cars’ Defenses From Hackers
The IoT is everywhere. Anything that connects to the Internet can theoretically be hacked. Recently, the security industry has demonstrated that vehicles connected to the Internet can create new targets for hackers. From cars that connect to the Internet now, to eventual cars that will drive themselves, the threat of hacking an automobile represents a huge safety concern for the general public. Imagine a world where cars can’t stop, or will suddenly accelerate on their own. Well, the government wants to step in and make sure that doesn’t happen. I applaud the idea as Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal will introduce a new bill designed to require cars sold in the US to meet certain standards of network protection.
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The more customers Microsoft adds to Office 365, the less it makes from each subscriber
Want to deploy Microsoft Office to your entire workforce? Previously, you’d have to cut off at least one arm and one leg to pay the bill for KMS servers and software licensing from Microsoft. Now, whether you’re a five-person organization or a global leader you can subscribe to Office 365 for a per-user fee, prices range from $5 to $20 monthly according to the Microsoft pricing guide. What a great idea for all technology managers, right? Well, Microsoft may not see it that way. Over the last few quarters Microsoft has seen incredible subscription growth for both home and business plans, but seen rather stagnate revenue gains.
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Apple hires auto industry vet, further telegraphs move into electric cars
Apple continues its push into the automotive market, recently hiring Doug Betts to work in ‘Operations’ (according to his LinkedIn Profile). Betts previously worked at Chrysler, and by all accounts yielded less-than-stellar results in recent years, some calling him the reason for the slide into government bailout. Regardless of Betts’ past failures, it doesn’t take too much detective work to realize Apple is investing more and more resources into the automotive frontier. Apple previously recruited Johann Jungwirth away from his position as head of Mercedes-Benz’s R&D unit. It’ll be interesting to see, if this project ever gets in gear (see what I did there?), whether or not the loyalty of Apple die-hards will extend to the automobiles they drive.
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Technicians Need Updating
The industry is changing, no doubt about that. There’s been many words written about the technology evolving, adapting infrastructure and readying users for new and exciting technology. One thing that could always use more thought, though, is making sure the technicians support these systems are updated as well. Not only day-to-day technicians who now, thanks to laser projectors and large format displays, will be replacing fewer lamps, or thanks to changing infrastructure and digital signaling won’t be chasing as many problem areas/connectors within an audiovisual installation, but also control programmers. Steve Greenblatt wrote an excellent piece on this pointing out that your systems or your system solution selling is only as good as the people supporting it.
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Drones and Public-*Surveillance: The Future of Public Safety
Drones represent an incredible benefit to the tech world. From amateur hobbyists flying aerial cameras to businesses investigating delivering products via unmanned aircrafts, drones are really taking off; not enough to warrant their own pavilion at InfoComm 2015, but that’s another story for another day.-*What would it mean to have drones as an eye in the sky for security purposes? Kevin Kelly takes a look at the future of public safety as it pertain to drones.
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