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Close And Yet So Far

If you’re one of the thousands of #avtweeps on social media this week, then you’ve certainly seen a lot of activity taking place in the Washington, D.C. metro area for the CE/CI Summit. This invitation only event gathers together integrators and consultants from all over the country in the commercial and residential marketplaces and allows them to not only hear presentations from leaders and panels from their peers, but also circle up and have in depth discussions about issues that their organizations are facing and how they deal with them.
AVNation has several representatives at this year’s show, as we did last year. Sadly, I was unable to attend this year, but it’s left me with the unique experience of working with my peers from across the country. Typically, AVNation has a lot of our interaction on one-on-one scenarios as we make plans and flush out ideas. As it develops, more people will get involved with additional platforms, but it’s continually towards achieving a common ends. At an industry event, though, each person’s goals or takeaways are going to be drastically different.
As someone sitting on the sidelines and communicating with my team deep in the trenches, it’s bringing me a whole new meaning for-*remote collaboration. While the popularity of social media at events like this is extremely common, especially when there are contests involved for the most activity, it’s what information is being posted that is the key. Each AVNation team member is taking away the pull quotes or the summary of the presentation or panel and trying to put that information out there to being the process of a conversation with those in the industry unable to be there. This offers me not just one, but several insights as to how the presentations are being received and colored by each individual’s perception of the information. I can then target specific questions or interaction points to entice further development.
The perfect example of this was witnessing the group listen to the representative from the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) discuss the Internet of Things (IoT). Obviously, I have thoughts on IoT and the affects that net neutrality are going to have on its future development, but there’s a lot more to the conversation than just that. But when it came time for the Q & A portion of the presentation it was a shy debate between attendees if anyone would play the Josh role and ask the question. Sadly, there were only two questions asked and no one was able to get the shot in, but it’s the teamwork concept that stands out to me as how our tools like social media are allowing remote friends, family, and co-workers to influence the conversation that’s taking place thousands of miles away.
Tomorrow is the final day of the CE/CI Summit. If you haven’t been following on Twitter, then be sure to keep an eye out for the hashtag #ceci15. You can even backtrack and see all the information that those participating have shared over the last few days. You’ll find some great insights, a few anecdotes, and the occasional wise ass making snide remarks – but it’s free information and insight that you might have missed.

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