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The Future is the Past

Knowing where you came from is important.
For humans, having -*an understanding of our family histories has implications for our health, cultural connections are-*-*a visceral thread to the past. -*
The information on what afflictions ,Aeorun in the family,Aeo can help extend your life. Awareness of why our particular community eats or celebrates the way it does, opens a living connection to our forebears.
When it comes to the origins of a technology or even the surrounding industries, we are often ignorant, (sometimes willfully so). -*
Knowing how a legacy technology works is viewed as necessary -*only when one must maintain a system, until it is replaced. Once these past products have been removed and a sleek and shiny modern answer is in place, who cares what the technology was?
It, matters – a lot.
Reading the EE Times, or medical journals, with any regularity you start to notice a continuum of articles about the past. These articles describe how researchers make a breakthrough in solving a technological conundrum by re-examining a forgotten solution. -*-*
If an individual knows anything of the history of AV, it is usually tied to the days of early telephone service. From distribution topologies and amplifiers to the TRS connector, all have direct linage to the telephone companies. The list of innovations and actual products that were created in the renowned Bell Laboratories alone is staggering.
In the toddler years of the 21st century these can seem quaint or -*their direct connection to the past muted. -*
The Future is Sung in Old Italian
Today we have revolutionary technologies which allow for instant access to enormous libraries of content and immediate live news feeds. What would our great grandparents think of this?
If your Grandpappy or Mima were opera fans then they would not have been shocked at all. -*This is something they would have been familiar with as far back at the early 1900,Aeos.
Yes, opera. -*And yes, it is a foundation of everything we do.
Opera tends to have a, somewhat, universal image of being haughty or -*pompous when in fact it was, and is, the most powerful form of storytelling. This fundamental form drives technical innovation because the performances profoundly enhance their effect. -*
Many of the seminal inventions have had as their-*core inspiration the distribution and transmission of opera to the masses. -*From the phonograph -*to wireless, all have deep roots in providing greater access of opera.
A short read through the patent applications of the early 20th century shows just how large -*a driver of technical innovation, from both inside and outside the theater, Opera is.
What Was Then is Now
We tend to marvel at the Gee Whiz content and delivery methods the modern age has brought us. We tend to view these marvels from the limited tunnel vision of our own timeline. -*Take in the following:
The first live on demand audio from a performance -*was first introduced by the-*New York Academy of music-*in 1880-*. -*
Stereo Sound -*first introduced in 1881 from the Paris Opera.
Technologies for synchronizing video elements to the audio developed for an opera in 1849.-*
In our times the technology of opera houses were among the first to broadcast productions in HD formats with full surround sound. -*NYC,Aeos Metropolitan Opera is on the forefront of 4K production and transmission.
History is a lesson
History is a lesson, in humility.
We are all familiar with those early college years where many of our preconceptions about how things came about, ( or how they are actually conducted), are shattered. -*
In these settings we learn the lucid, the lurid, the lessons.
The Audio Visual industry needs more historians, to promote and document the nuanced stories of our technical progressions.
Luckily we have a prime example to follow, one Mark Schubin, where much of the historical facts-*in this post-*have been gleaned from.-*
Mark is one of those proverbial renaissance men whose technical achievements, prowess in knowledge is only matched by his love of history and his mean paella. -*Okay, I made the paella part up but I am sure that in additions to the innumerable certifications and degrees he has, this is among his skills.
Mark has not only recorded his research on his blog Schubin Cafe, he has spoken at the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institute & numerous trade organizations.
Mr. Schubin covers not only the historical but topics such as ,AeoHigher Dynamic Range,Aeo, Next Generation Imaging, and more.
Watch, Listen and create the future by knowing the past.
Image copyright Brian Rinker under Creative Commons Licence

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